‘Fake Barbie”s murdered boyfriend now wants conjugal visitation

The British tabloid dubbed her Bogus Barbie.

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The courts labeled her a murderer and served her a life sentence for the murder of her boyfriend.

But now Abigail White, 24, is demanding conjugal visits to prison with her new boyfriend. She was jailed for life for stabbing then-beau Bradley Lewis, 22, in the heart after he left her in March 2022.

White – who styles herself as a Barbie doll – claimed she just wanted to scare the father-of-three. She is now on the hook to serve at least 18 years of the life sentence.

Father of three Bradley Lewis thought White would kill him. FACEBOOK

The blonde killer now insists that her “needs” must be met. And that includes sex.

“Having recently been sentenced to 18 years, it struck me that prisons don’t allow overnight stays for female prisoners and their partners,” White told prison magazine Inside Times.

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“They should consider and accommodate our needs and allow men and women to sleep together. I would like to know what other inmates think about that, quite a few girls here agree.”

Former porn model Abigail White murdered her boyfriend. She now wants a conjugal visit from her new lover. FACEBOOK

But prison is a far cry from White’s past life. She had boasted that she made $80,000 a year on the OnlyFans website.

After throwing a drink in her former boyfriend’s face, he told friends in a Bristol pub: “I’ll be dead when I get home.”

And he was after White drove a 7-inch kitchen knife into his heart. She told friends she was “able to kill him”.

Mug shot of Abigail White. POLICE HANDBOOK

Meanwhile, the victim’s family believes the fake Barbie got off easy.

“We were happy with the verdict [of murder] but we would have liked a few more years at the top,” said his grieving father Steve Lewis British sun. “It really doesn’t feel right, we’re glad she’s incarcerated but we don’t feel like we have justice because we’re the ones with the full life sentence.”

He added, “People just wanted her to kind of rot in hell.”

But White might struggle to get the prison sex she desires: UK prisons don’t allow her. They are legal in Australia, Canada, USA, France and elsewhere.

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