Fae Farm looks like a chill co-op spin in Stardew Valley

There is no shortage of tasks involved in maintaining a farm, even a virtual one. In Farming Sim RPG fairy farm, You can grow crops, mine, explore dungeons and decorate houses. While all of this can be a lot to deal with, Fae farm will have a multiplayer experience at the heart of the game. Based on a recently released preview of the game, players should expect a magical, leisurely farming simulator with a particularly casual approach to the farming sim genre.

Fae farm is a multiplayer co-op game from Phoenix Labs in which you explore the fantasy world of Azoria and create a home. The game’s cute cottagecore feel isn’t exactly characteristic of the studio – Phoenix Labs is best known for developing the monster hunting game fearless – but the team is bringing their expertise in designing co-op experiences to a new genre. Fae farm supports up to four players playing either online or locally when it launches on Nintendo Switch.

Friends can drop in and out of co-op “seamlessly”. To achieve this seamlessness, Fae farm has features that keep your friends updated on every story progress while they are logged out and another that allows any player to be the host. While our preview host walked around showing us different features like fishing or farming, others in the co-op session ran around town, participating in activities and fishing side by side with no issues.

When you immerse yourself in Azoria you will see a colorful and luminous world with an art style that combines a 3D look with stylized graphics that look like brush strokes. The visuals set a playful and light tone that gives the world a magical feel. You play as fairies that look like a chibi Lego figure with round, stocky features. As we watched our guide explore the world, we saw lots of graphic and animated flourishes. The characters jumped, twirled and twirled effortlessly, giving the platformer a whimsical look. As the character was fishing, we saw him being yanked around and even being dragged into the water by a large fish.

While there are dungeons for players to complete, they seem pretty laid back. Fae farm Product lead Isaac Epp said during our preview that the team “didn’t have a super strong desire to make this a Souls-like experience.” Each dungeon is designed to be beaten multiple times to gather resources. Your character can unleash melee combo attacks and magic attacks, but most enemies appear to be easily defeatable with a light press of a button. The preview showed a triple fireball that easily finished off monsters.

Typical of a game in this genre, each character has three main power bars to manage: health, stamina, and mana, and can earn experience points that allow you to improve aspects of your character such as magic or tool usage. (The developer provided an example of how to improve your pickaxe swing so you get rocks with fewer hits.) In addition to your character, you can also level up and upgrade tools that expand the types of resources you gather be able. For example, you can upgrade an ax so that it can chop down tougher wooden trees. But there’s another unique leveling system too: decorating your houses – you’re allowed to have several – earns you “cuddle points”, which are then awarded to further improve your character and better prepare him for the dungeons.

It’s 2022 and games like Stardew Valley and Minecraft have received many updates that have increased both the scope and the number of activities that you can do in these games. Both examples have grown into dozens of complex systems aimed at hardcore fans. On the flip side of all this is fairy farm, A game that seems to bring back the casual side of the cozy Sims and even allows you to invite a few friends over to join in the fun too.

Fae farm Coming to Nintendo Switch in Q2 2023 will give farm sim RPG fans a relaxed option leading into summer.

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