F1 fans smash the “softest safety car ever” and give Red Bull one, two and Max Verstappen podium

Formula 1 fans were furious at the “softest safety car ever” that helped Red Bull to a one-two at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The reigning constructors’ champions were quick all weekend and were rewarded with Sergio Perez winning the race and Max Verstappen second. But they were also actively supported by the stewards.

Verstappen, who had started 15th due to a drive shaft problem in Q2 of qualifying on Saturday, had climbed up the field anyway, but was massively supported by the failure of Lance Stroll.

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The Aston Martin driver came to a halt after successfully driving his car wide of the track and out of danger. But the FIA ​​amazingly decided to deploy a safety car, which eventually closed the gap between Verstappen and rivals Fernando Alonso and George Russell ahead of him in second and third.

Verstappen was able to overtake the pair relatively easily after the restart, marking a one-two in a row for Red Bull to start the season.

Explaining its decision, the FIA ​​said: “From the initially available camera angles, the exact location of the stopped car (STR) was unclear and therefore the Safety Car was deployed as the safest option.”

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