F1 drivers predict Max Verstappen will ‘pull a Doug out of the hangover’ during the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Formula 1 will compete in Las Vegas for the first time in its history. The American extravagance is the projection of F1’s recent expansion in the United States and they look to continue capitalizing on the market. However, a few months before his departure for Las Vegas, some of Max Verstappen’s colleagues do not expect any sober times from him.

Ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, drivers were asked specific questions about the shenanigans people usually do when driving into Sin City. The first question was inspired by the plot of The Hangover, in which one of the characters, Doug, disappears on the first night.

When asked by drivers who among them would be the person missing in Vegas? Lando Norris, Alex Albon, Esteban Ocon, Nyck de Vries and Nico Hülkenberg have commissioned Verstappen to do this.

Max Verstappen’s drunk videos precede him

It’s not out of the blue that other drivers have called Verstappen. He was often seen drinking heavily and doing bizarre things at parties. Many fans have previously joked about such videos from Verstappen, thinking that he can’t keep his alcohol down.

However, it’s not the only thing his colleagues have given him credit for in Vegas. AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda even thinks Verstappen is likely to miss a tooth before coming from Vegas.

Still, the Sin City Grand Prix is ​​very far away. It will be the penultimate race of the season and by that point Verstappen would most likely have won the title at the pace the season is progressing for Red Bull.

So he would have every right to celebrate his heart out and even be missed for a day while sitting on the terrace of Caesar’s palace while Red Bull search for him. However, he has enough discipline not to create such tensions for his bosses.

No hurdles for Max Verstappen

The 2023 season could not have gone better for Red Bull. In the opening race of the season, Red Bull secured both P1 and P2. With this result, every other team is nervous that Christian Horner’s leadership will take advantage of the entire grid with their dominance.

However, Red Bull boss Helmut Marko believes there will come a point in the season when his team’s entire lead melts away. He blames the FIA ​​wind tunnel penalty imposed on the Milton-Keynes-based company for reportedly exceeding the 2021 cost cap.

He believes the shorter access time to the wind tunnel would hamper Red Bull’s development in the second half of the season. At that time, their rivals would definitely manage to keep up with them during races.


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