Exploring Fortnite Season 2’s hottest TikTok trends with SypherPK after its first week in the community

Epic Games released Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 4 a week ago. With further additions to the metaverse, players could see them enjoying what the game currently has to offer. There are new perks, weapons, and a snazzy new POI that’s very popular with players.

With Creative 2.0 just around the corner, let’s take a look at some of the trending content with Fortnite Pro, SypherPK. This content mostly includes stylish gameplays, hilarious moments and more that Sypher found funny.

Hot Fortnite clips that topped the viral list for the past week


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Note that these clips are just a few of the many that have caused waves of excitement in the Metaverse community.

Among all the additions brought to the game this season is the Kinetic Blade has become a fan favorite. Many players have been impressed with the mechanics the new sword has to offer. However, what few gamers noticed was the strong resemblance to Overwatch’s Genji, and clips pointing to exactly that aspect have been circulating online. The similarities have been a topic of conversation in the Metaverse community for the past few days.

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The Pulse Rifle and Pump Shotgun have been dominating Fortnite gaming clips lately. Many consider the rifle to be one of the best weapons currently in the game. And the pump shotgun kills are a real gamble.

megacity is a brand new POI that has stolen the hearts of many players. There were discussions about how a full-fledged POI was introduced into the game after a long time. In the midst of these things, people compared the city to Grand Theft Auto. Numerous videos have also surfaced online depicting Fortnite characters in a Grand Theft Auto setting. SypherPK was impressed with some of the works that made the unofficial pairing trend charts.

A clip that should be addressed in regards to content creators in Fortnite is about TimTheTatman. He’s a popular gaming streamer, but in Fortnite, Tim is notorious for something else. The aspect he’s popular for in the metaverse is his fall damage kills.

Tons of memes were created, and at one point even Fortnite addressed this situation. But, Tim, this season was killed the same way. Using the new Kinetic Blade, he was able to knock a player off a building for a kill. His excitement after getting the kill was too healthy and is certainly noteworthy.


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Finally, let’s talk about the man himself. SypherPK had to self-certify among the viral clips of the week in two different places. One related to his height. That is, a video talking about how big the Fortnite character avatars are. And according to the clip, Sypher is the shortest at just 5ft 1in, while Peely was over 6ft. Sypher was seen screaming that this was not the truth and that the metrics shown in-game were wrong.

Another concerned Chun-Li. SypherPK fans surely know that Chun Li is one of his favorite avatars. Sypher was spotted trying out the Sweet Shot emote with the character and seems like he really enjoyed it. Sypher laughed and was speechless at the same time as he reacted to this viral clip.


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Which of these trends did you notice? Share them in the comments below.


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