There are over a staggering 20,000 tokens in the crypto market today, and this number continues to grow. This increase in number, despite the decentralized system, was accompanied by a need for regulation, which led to the creation of the ERC20 standard for tokens, stablecoins that peg the value of tokens to the US dollar, and even the possibility beyond that regulations and laws around the currency, to make it more accepted around the world.

All of these processes are realigning the fintech world so that companies can maximize the use of cryptocurrency and its potential, making it more than just another currency that enables transactions. Exeno inspires the market by showing what they can do with their latest products Exeno Coin (EXN)here is how.

Multi-Blockchain Bridging

Staying true to its vision to empower the world of crypto, Exeno ensures a true multi-chain experience from the start by making its technology blockchain-agnostic. Basically, this means that if you decide to trade on the platform, buy electronics, accessories, clothes and even pet food, you don’t have to set up a new wallet every time you want to pay with a different currency of your choice.

Basically, you can buy and spend Exeno coins however you want. In addition, the exeno team will present its own bridge solution to enable a seamless conversion of the exeno coin from one blockchain version to another. This paves the way for an efficient buying journey, regardless of the cryptocurrency you may have already invested in or are a fan of.

This allows more crypto investors around the world to access their platform and trade accordingly, which speaks volumes about how cross-country trading could ultimately change.

Reward programs made available

Everyone loves making money, especially when you don’t have to work for it! Arguably one of the most interesting new features of exeno is the stake back program, which aims to enable a cash back system, but within crypto commerce. In other words, after making a purchase that is eligible for Stake Back and waiting for the order to be fully completed, the user will receive the amount plus the earned stake. Along with learning why they received more than expected, the satisfied customers are then offered the option to keep the EXN in the staking pool, possibly use it for future transactions, or watch it grow. This innovation helps all users connect with what they are already familiar with while discovering new returns for their cryptocurrency.

Affiliate and influencer programs

Through its own coin, exeno is able to launch referral, affiliate and influencer programs by paying their affiliates in EXN-based commissions, allowing them to fully monitor their own performance and experience real-time results!

The exeno ambassador program consists of 5 main pillars: content creators, moderators, translators, product reviewers and fundraisers. It’s all set to launch this year (the Ambassador program has already launched and the Affiliate program is about to), so if this is just a start, imagine how much more is in store for you in the near future! This initiative aims to create a community that will further unite crypto enthusiasts around the world.

Diversifying into an NFT marketplace

Transactions through the EXN allow creators and users to list, sell, trade and buy works on an NFT marketplace within the platform. This feature is definitely one to watch out for and remains exclusive to Exeno coin users.

Having just one type of cryptocurrency makes access to NFTs — which can be digital art, music NFTs, and even event passes — so much easier.

Final Thoughts

So, using the case study of just one brand and its coin, we can see how the world of cryptocurrencies and their uses can be so much more than just purchases and P2P transactions.

Obviously, the potential of crypto and its tokens is barely tapped, and there’s so much more in store – but if crypto commerce leaders like exeno pave the way for others to follow suit, we users are in for a fintech revolution .

BTW – the EXN is now in the pre-sale phase, learn more details here!

Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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