Ex-Utah congressman charged with posing as officer after allegedly making threats

ST. GEORGE, Utah – A former Washington County sheriff’s deputy has been arrested and charged with impersonating an officer – for the second time.

Jason Ryan Little, 47, was arrested Monday and charged Tuesday in the 5th Circuit Court with impersonating a public servant, a Class B misdemeanor and possession of a weapon by a disabled person, a third-degree felony.

On January 18, an Adult Probation and Parole agent was contacted by a man who said Little was trying to recover property from a currently detained woman.

“He called four to five times and sent the messages in a very short amount of time and appeared to be threatening me with a picture of someone in a Washington County Deputy’s uniform,” the man told the agent, according to a police affidavit. Little also reportedly sent a message that read, “Please reach out to me so I don’t have to report professionally.”

The agent looked at the picture Little allegedly sent, which “showed Jason in a tan Washington County Sheriff’s Office uniform, seated in a white F-150 truck. The sheriff’s office logo was prominently displayed on Jason’s left sleeve,” the affidavit reads.

The agent is familiar with Little and knew that he has not been a certified police officer for several years.

On Thursday, adult probation and parole officers went to Little’s apartment to question him about the lyrics.

“I asked Jason to describe the picture he sent me and Jason said, ‘Picture of me in my Washington County uniform.’ I asked Jason, “If you texted asking for their property to be returned, stating that you don’t want to handle it professionally and attached a photo of yourself in uniform, what does that look like Jason sighed, looked down slightly and said, ‘I know exactly what that looks like,'” read the affidavit.

In September, Little was arrested and accused of threatening a staff member at St George’s school. As a result of the reporting of this arrest, additional information was developed about a gun Little had in his possession, and police learned that it was stolen, according to indictment documents. He was convicted of theft of stolen property and restricted possession of a gun in October and sentenced to a suspended sentence of one to 15 years in Utah State Penitentiary.

In 2020, he did not contest charges of impersonating an officer and was sentenced to a six-month suspended prison sentence.


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