If, like us, you were hooked on Disney+ Intoxicatedwe may have found another great – and equally compelling – drama to delve into.

While the topic of the opioid epidemic is far from light-hearted, television has taken a closer look at the issue lately, through shows like Intoxicated that many of us have learned more about the real, harrowing situations that take center stage.

We knew we were on to a winner as soon as we tuned in Intoxicated and Michael Keaton’s recent SAG award win was just the icing on the cake for such a momentous series. But now Netflix is ​​covering the drug crisis in its own way in a new drama Painkiller.

Matthew Broderick shared – in a joint interview with his wife Sarah Jessica Parker – that Richard Sackler, head of Purdue Pharma, would be playing in it Painkiller would be an unusual role for him. “There was something appealing about that,” he admitted.

Not only did he have a mother who went through the “absolute agony” of taking opioids, but he also acknowledged how “complicated” telling a story can be. While Broderick is one of the show’s main cast as Sackler, the rest of the cast is full of familiar faces.

With that, here’s everything we know about Netflix Painkiller so far.

Matthew Broderick
Matthew Broderick will star as Purdue Pharma CEO Richard Sackler.

What is the plot of Netflix Painkiller?

It looks like the details of the upcoming drama are being closely guarded at Netflix. So far, the only official synopsis we have is that it will be a “drama series about the origins of the opioid crisis.”

The project was announced back in 2020 and will be based on Patrick Radden Keefe’s article The family that built an empire of pain for the New Yorker and the seminal book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Barry Meier Painkillers: An Empire of Deception and the Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic.

The two authors work as consultants Painkillerwhich will particularly focus on Purdue Pharma’s participation.

narcotics Showrunner Eric Newman is also executive producing on the new series, as is Emmy Award-nominated writing duo Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster (A beautiful day in the neighborhood, transparent), who are also writers of the series. With such an impressive team behind the scenes of this limited series, we can’t wait to see such a subject explored on screen.

Who will be starring on Netflix? Painkiller?

Alongside Broderick – who is known as Sackler, scion of the billionaire Sackler family and executive at Purdue Pharma, Uzo Aduba (Orange is the new black) will also lead the cast as Edie, the investigator leading the case against Purdue.

West Duchovny (Linoleum, The Wizards) will play Shannon, a new recruit on Purdue’s sales team.

Dina Shihabi (Archive 81, Ramy) will star as Britt, a veteran sales rep for Purdue. John Rothman (A Mississippi, Ghostbusters) will also play Purdue Pharma co-owner Mortimer Sackler.

Also joining the cast is Sam Anderson (Forrest Gump) as Raymond Sackler, Taylor Kitsch (friday night lights) as Glen Kryger, Carolina Bartczak (X-Men: Apocalypse) as Lily Kryger, Tyler Knight (The McCarthys) as John Brownlee, John Ales (The mad professor) as Dr. Gregory Fitzgibbons, Ron Lea (doc) as Bill Havens, Ana Cruz Kayne (little woman) as Brianna Ortiz and Jack Mulhern (Mare by Easttown) as Tyler Kryger.

Uzo Aduba
Orange Is The New Black’s Uzo Aduba Will Star in Netflix Series Painkiller

What was said about Netflix Painkiller?

Speaking of role in PainkillerBroderick said The Hollywood Reporter: “I had a mother who had cancer and took these pills. She was in absolute agony and they helped her a lot. So I’ve seen both ends of it. I know how bad they are. And I know what a miracle [they can be].

“It’s a complicated story. Because obviously they then marketed it to people who didn’t need it and all that, and it’s terrible. But I have experience from both sides.”

Newman also said of the series, “The opioid crisis is a decades-long tragedy and has evolved into one of the most devastating public health crises of our time. Unlike other drug epidemics that have arisen from underground manufacturing and covert smuggling, this epidemic started on prescription — dispensed by doctors, approved by state regulators, and promoted by a family-owned pharmaceutical giant that made billions while maintaining the trust of patients and the public abused. ”

When and where will Netflix be Painkiller be visible?

Filming for the new series is set to wrap up and the drama should come to Netflix sometime this year, although an exact release date has yet to be confirmed.

Check this section for updates.

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