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Everything in the Pokémon TCG Charizard Ultra Premium Collection

That Pokémon trading card game receives a Charizard-style Premium Ultimate Collection containing some of the rarest cards in the world TCG seen for years. In 2020, The Pokémon Company released a special Zacian and Zamazenta Premium Box to celebrate the launch of the first three Pokemon Sword and Shield TCG puts. The Premium Ultimate Collection returns again this October, featuring three Etched Charizard cards that have never been released before.


Since launching in 2020, Nintendo has released eleven in total sword and shield extensions. With Gen9 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet announced to launch in November, it has been confirmed that the era of the Galar region of Pokemon card game would also end in 2022. The Pokémon Company didn’t slow down for the final stretch of the year Sword and Shield TCG series and has already released three mainline expansions Brilliant Stars, Astral Radianceand Lost Origin in the first half-year.

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The Nintendo tabletop game has also launched many accessories in 2022, such as: Pokémon GO trading card game Crossover in March and the Trick or Trade of the Pokémon Trading Card Game Halloween in September. Concluding the last months of the 8th generation TCG series allows players to purchase one final accessory sword and shield Ultra Premium Collection – Charizard box set to hit stores on October 28th. Below is a rundown of everything included in the highly anticipated Collector’s Edition set.

Pokémon TCG Ultra Premium Collection has Charizard cards with alternate art

The biggest feature of the new Ultra Premium Collection are the three etched Charizard promos. Not only have the collectibles never been released before, but they also have incredibly detailed alternate art designs. The Charizard V map featured vivid artwork of Charizard resting in the forest after battling their starter Kanto Venus.

The second VMAX Charizard card shows the Fire type within itself Pokemon Sword and Shield Gigantamax form while menacingly spewing fire into the sky. What will probably become the most valuable collectible from the set is the VSTAR Charizard promo, as it has a unique hand-drawn alternate art design of the Gen 1 Pokémon battling the legendary Mewtwo.

Charizard Ultimate Premium Collection also comes with additional collectibles

That sword and shield The Ultimate Premium Collection also includes a variety of additional goodies, such as: B. a metal coin from Gigantamax Charizard. The set comes with it too TCG Card sleeves and a gamemat with artwork resembling the VMAX promo. Players can pick up the new Charizard Collection starting October 28th for $119.99. Fans who miss the rare box have another chance in a second release in December. Below is a list of everything included in the Sword and Shield Ultimate Premium Collection – Charizard.

  • 3 etched holographic promo cards: Charizard V, Charizard VMAX, and Charizard VSTAR
  • 1 Gigantamax Charizard TCG playmat
  • 65 Gigantamax Charizard card sleeves
  • 1 Gigantamax Charizard metal coin
  • 6 metal damage counter dice
  • 2 metal condition markers
  • 1 VSTAR acrylic marker
  • 16 Pokémon TCG booster packs from the Sword & Shield series
  • sword and shield TCG Series Player’s Guide
  • Pokémon trading card game live code

The Ultra Premium box also includes 16 booster packs from previous Gen 8 sets, like the popular one Pokemon Brilliant Stars TCG Expansion released in February. The Charizard Collection appears to be a final farewell to the entire Galar region era Pokemon card gameas it also includes a manual for each release in the sword and shield Series.

That TCG gets one last finale sword and shield Expansion this year with the release of the Silver Storm discontinued in November. Players look forward to the next era of TCG will have to wait a little longer as Nintendo has confirmed that the first Gen 9 Pokémon cards will launch next year. Based on previous cycles, the first Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG Expansion is likely to fall in February 2023. Fans who want to say goodbye to that sword and shield Pokémon trading card game Series can celebrate one last time with the Ultra Premium Charizard collection.

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