Everything everywhere at once became the biggest surprise hit of 2022 so far. The film only made a big box office hit for A24 but received critical acclaim when star Michelle Yeoh was recognized for her performance. Looking at the success of the multiverse comedy, every actor feels left out of the crazy fun. That’s exactly what happened when Yeoh revealed how she called action legend Jackie Chan because she quit her role in the film.

The martial arts legend, who missed an opportunity to star in the experimental action comedy, came as the Crazy rich asian man The matriarch was interviewed by The Guardian. The film’s directing duo, The Daniels, revealed that rush hour Actor was her first choice. Yeoh was originally cast as Chan’s wife to direct the film. But given the film icon’s busy schedule, he wasn’t able to commit to the film. Eventually, the focus shifted from husband to wife, resulting in the most acclaimed role of the actress’ decades-long career. But loud Everything everywhere Actress, the actor was remorseful about giving up the film.

Jackie actually texted me. And he says, ‘Wow, I’m hearing amazing things about your film. Did you know that the boys visited me in China?’ And I said: ‘Yes, your loss, my brother!’

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