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Every confirmed change in Fortnite’s 10/22 update

In the last five years Fourteen days has shown the rest of the industry how to develop a live service approach that benefits both the player and the developer. While some publishers have only embraced the live service approach for a quick buck, Epic Games recognizes that it must feed its player base with a steady stream of new content to keep them invested long after they first jump into the game. That’s why Fourteen days not only receives big content drops in the form of new seasons, but also receives frequent updates adding new map areas and weapons, similar to the recently released 22.10 update.


Fourteen daysThe recent update of Chapter 3 Season 4 added a new Chrome threat to the game that seems to be consuming the island one area at a time. In addition, several new weapons and items were introduced, a new villain called The Herald appeared, and a plethora of new cosmetics were added. Just a few days ago Fourteen days got another update. Simply titled 22.10 Update, this patch added a surprising amount of content to the game, ranging from even more map changes to some new weapon features.

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Any change in Fortnite’s 10/22 update

As so often with these smaller ones Fourteen days Updates have made a handful of weapons and items both vaulted and unvaulted. One of Fourteen daysThe most overwhelming item of , the Boogie Bomb, has finally been vaulted while the Grapple Glove has made its rapid return, allowing players to once again zip around the map with ease. The DMR was also placed in the vault, but a brand new weapon has already replaced it. Dubbed the Cobra DMR, this weapon features a much faster rate of fire than the standard variant and a larger magazine, although its recoil is a bit more difficult. This update also adds the new Explosive Goo Gun, which hurls sticky, explosive liquid at enemies.

At the beginning of Fourteen days Chapter 3 Season 4, new key items have been added to the game. After finding these keys in chests, players could travel to one of the hidden vaults on Artemis Island. Opening these vaults would grant players at least one rare chest and a handful of normal chests. While these vaults can still be found, players can now use keys to unlock brand new holo chests. Each of these Holo Chests contains a powerful weapon of either Epic or Legendary rarity, with Exotic Chests available in some locations for two keys.

Fourteen daysThe latest 10/22 update also made significant changes to the game’s map. Consistent with fan theories, the mysterious new Chrome menace has spread across the island, engulfing a handful of iconic locations and turning them into Chrome versions. Coney Crossroads has been fully consumed and renamed Chrome Crossroads while Sleepy Sounds sees the Chrome seep in from above. Butter Barn was also taken over and converted to Flutter Barn.

As Fourteen days‘s NPCs are trying to stop the spread of the chrome, they have taken to attaching balloons to some of their buildings. These landmarks are now floating in the air and have moved across the map, with No Sweat Insurance floating from Tilted Towers to Chrome Crossroads. The Driftwood has also changed locations, moving east of Rocky Reels. Rave Cave’s Flairship has also blown up and now appears over the site of what used to be Shifty Shafts, which has just been converted into Grim Gables, a spooky looking mansion with a corn maze and graveyard in front.

Fourteen days is free to play on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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