Epic Games Confirms Dead Space Crossover With Fortnite

Epic Games has confirmed a Empty room Crossover is live in now Fourteen dayswith Isaac Clark available as a playable character.

The Strange Transmissions Quest Pack went live yesterday (January 23) and includes the Isaac Clark costume and personalized life tracking system RIG Back Bling, a portable planet buster USG Ishimura Back Bling and his legendary plasma cutter.

the dead spaceThe package will set players back £9.99 but also includes up to 1500 V-Bucks, which can be earned through special promotions Empty room-inspired quests.

the Fourteen days Crossover comes before the release of EA Motive Dead Space remakewhich will be released on January 27th.

According to a recently released list of in-game achievements, the remake will feature an “alternate ending,” though no other details have been revealed.

Last year it was confirmed that the Dead Space remake will feature “hundreds” of potential encounters designed to scare players who revisit previously explored areas of the game.

“Now you don’t have to drive through trams or take breaks between chapters, we wanted to do that to increase the immersion,” explained Senior Producer Philippe Ducharme. ”Empty room was a great immersion game, how can we push this forward?”

Ducharme went on talking NME that the team wanted to avoid anything that would offend “hard core fans” of the original game.

Dead Space remake.  Photo credit: EA Motives
Dead Space remake. Photo credit: EA Motives

Elsewhere inside Fourteen daysIt has been confirmed that The Kid LAROI will preview the upcoming single “Love Again” along with three unreleased tracks via a new experience.

The Wild Dreams experience, set to launch Friday, is “an immersive, interactive musical experience that chronicles LAROI’s journey from humble beginnings to headlining sold-out performances as a global superstar.”

In other news, ResetEra, one of the largest gaming forums in the world, has banned any mention of Hogwarts legacy because of Harry Potter the anti-trans views of author JK Rowlings.

“We kept coming back to the simple fact that Rowling is not just a fanatic, but in her position as a wealthy and famous person, she actively pushes for legislation that will harm trans people,” the mod team said in a statement.


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