Despite all the incredible additions the MCU has seen over the past 18 months, nothing has beaten the success or hype of 2019 Avengers: Endgame. With Joe and Anthony Russo in the director’s chair, the fourth Avengers film was a true pinnacle event for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes before Phase 4 began in January 2021.

Last year then became the biggest yet for MCU content, including a franchise-record four films in one year to launch Phase 4 between July and December. This included a brand new solo film in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and a first team effort in eternalduring Scarlett Johansson’s Black widow and Tom Hollands Spider-Man: No Way Home added to stories that helped make the Infinity Saga so successful.


While the Russos aren’t officially returning to the MCU just yet, they’ve been keeping tabs on everything coming out of Marvel Studios since delivering the second-highest-grossing film of all time. Now, half of this duo revealed in a recent interview what their new favorite film from this new list of projects is.

Joe Russo’s Favorite Phase 4 MCU Movie

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Avengers: Endgame That revealed director Joe Russo Spider-Man: No Way Home is his favorite MCU film from Phase 4 in an interview with Den of Geek.

Russo showered him with praise No way homename it “Fantastic” and “pitch perfect,” describes it as one of his best experiences at a movie theater in a long time. He also loved that he wasn’t directly involved in the film himself, which gave him a chance to enjoy all the laughs and surprises while everyone else sat next to him:


“I found No Way Home incredible. It was fantastic. I thought it was absolutely perfect. It was one of the best times I’ve had at the cinema in a long time and it was nice not to be involved. As a film freak, I could just sit in a cinema and let myself be surprised and laugh and cry with everyone else in the cinema.”

In particular, Russo noted how this film brought fans together from all over the world after so much hardship and division caused by the global pandemic and the state of American politics:

“I think the one thing that Marvel doesn’t get enough credit for is what still connects people after such a divisive time during the pandemic and after all this fabricated conflict that’s been playing out in America over the past four years Has? But when you go to a theater, race, color, creed, whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter.”

Russo then credited Marvel Studios as a whole for bringing people “Together as Community” better than anyone else in the film industry. And even as good as Marvel has done with its films, Russo looks No way home as a film that takes this concept to a whole new level:

“The power of filmmaking lies in its ability to bring people together in a public space, based on their origins, as a community. And Marvel does it better than anyone, and I don’t think they get enough credit for it. And if that’s the real power of filmmaking then they’re certainly the most powerful filmmaking entity on the planet because you walk into one of these theaters and boy is there a lot of joy and happiness and emotion and excitement in one of their films. And you just don’t see that in any other film. Also, historically, I’m not sure you’ve seen this level of excitement in any film other than when Marvel is at the top of their game.”

Endgame Director loves what Spider-Man has delivered

In many ways, Spider-Man: No Way Home is at the top with Avengers: Endgame as a film that seems like it shouldn’t exist when it’s put on paper. Bringing all three live-action Spideys and five previous villains together while introducing the multiverse to the MCU was about the size of a solo movie, but the threesome delivered spades.


Even beyond its storyline, Russo loved how the MCU’s third Spider-Man film brought fandom together in a way that hadn’t been seen since his own endeavors endgame and his predecessor Avengers: Infinity War. With nearly $2 billion surpassed at the global box office, fans around the world couldn’t get enough of what Marvel and Sony brought to the table and agreed on how special the moment is in Spider- one was.

Experiencing the film as a fan also fitted Russo’s experience well and allowed him to find out all about him No way home‘s mysteries as they appeared in the marketing and in the film itself when it premiered. This is something that’s been building for him since the threequel broke Endgame’s record for most-watched trailer of all time, to which he offered his own congratulations after it became official.

Getting so much praise from one of Marvel’s greatest directors is something Sony and Marvel can hang their hats on, as the Threequel really seemed to set its sights on one of the most ambitious superhero films of all time.


Spider-Man: No Way Home is now available in digital and physical home versions.

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