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Emily Ratajkowski has had an overwhelming reaction to Blonde on Netflix

Emily Ratajkowski is “so done” with people who fetishize women’s pain and death. This is what the model and actor said in response to new Netflix film Blonde, which chronicles the life of Marilyn Monroe.

Ratajkowski dubbed it her “2022 B—era,” referring to the lives of other famous women who lived struggling lives in the limelight, including Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, and Princess Diana. Ratajkowski said all of her pain has been fetishized by society.

“We love to fetishize female pain,” she said. “And I think as a woman, I can say for sure for myself, I’ve learned to fetishize my own pain and pain in my life so that it feels like something to take care of and that.” is kind of sexy.”

“I want that to change,” the 31-year-old said of the way the public sees women and how women themselves look. “But I’ve thought about it and you know what’s hard to fetishize? Fury. Anger is hard to fetishize. So I have a suggestion. I think we all need to be a little more pissed off. I’ll be there my witch era. 2022 baby is my B—–era.”

She then invited everyone to join her “B—–Era,” adding that she knew she’d go insane when she saw the new “Blonde” movie, which she said she was going to do he “fetishes women, even in death.”

The Netflix film follows the rise and fall of Monroe, portrayed by Ana de Armas. Reviews to date have been overwhelmingly negative, earning a Rotten Tomatoes Tomato Meter score of 44% from 222 reviews. The audience rating is 33% from more than 1,000 reviews.

In an essay for The New York Times, Manohla Dargis wrote that Hollywood takes advantage of its iconic star in the nearly three-hour film, which chronicles Monroe’s troubled childhood, abusive relationships and health issues.

“Given all the humiliations and horrors Marilyn Monroe endured during her 36 years… it’s a relief that she didn’t have to endure the vulgarities of ‘Blonde,’ the latest necrophilic entertainment, in order to exploit her,” Dargis wrote.

The film – which has an NC-17 rating – has drawn particular criticism for its vulgar sex scenes, prompting some to debate the need to tell Monroe’s story.

On twitterOne viewer claimed that the film is there to “put Norma/Marilyn in a box that only allows her to be abused, sexualized or called a daddy,” adding, “Maybe we’ll stop misogynistic men.” trying to make groundbreaking films about women they know nothing about.”

Ratajkowski’s fanbase appeared to join the “Blonde” critics in the comments below her TikTok video.

“They should have used that beautiful cinematography to make a new film with a new concept. Not rediscovering a poor woman’s pain for money,” wrote TikTok user @jane_awuwu.

User @thebauhausgroup commented, “It’s an obvious torture.”

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