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Elder Scrolls Online: The 10 Hardest Dungeons

Dungeons in The Elder Scrolls Online come in many shapes and sizes. There are dungeons in this MMO that come with the base game and dungeons that require DLC to access. Although most dungeons are similar in length, most have three to five boss fights total, and a maximum of four players are allowed in a single group.

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Some dungeons have gotten a lot easier over time, but there are some that are still difficult to complete. Boss fights also feature mechanics that make each dungeon unique and add a flavor of difficulty to each encounter. Here are the ten hardest dungeons you can venture into if you dare.


10/10 Catch Hideout

Fang Lair has a lot of different mechanics to deal with, but most of the bosses aren’t too difficult to defeat with an organized party on Veteran difficulty, especially since the final boss is the only one on Hardmode difficulty. Thurvokun is the final boss, a skeleton dragon that packs a punch.

In addition to Thurvokun, a necromancer named Orryn is also present in this fight. One of the main threats besides the bosses themselves are the colossi, which require high damage per second to defeat them quickly. Overall, Fang Lair isn’t too difficult to complete on Veteran Mode, but the Hardmode difficulty will require a lot of tries before you can finally beat him.

9/10 Moongrave fans

Especially the third boss of Moongrave Fane, Kujo, poses problems for uncoordinated groups; However, the most frustrating challenge in the dungeon comes from Grundwulf, the final boss and the only Hardmode difficulty in the dungeon.

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In Hardmode, Grundwulf will spawn many enemies that will aid him during combat. The most notable of these is a bat, which essentially one-shots you if you touch it. You can damage it after using the Hemoglobin Synergy and shooting with it, a mechanic that’s present throughout the dungeon but becomes especially deadly during this boss fight. Overall, there are many things that make Moongrave fans difficult, but Grundwulf is by far the biggest challenge.

8/10 Scalecaller Summit

Scalecaller Peak was one of the first few DLC dungeons added to The Elder Scrolls Online, but it’s still one of the hardest. The first four boss fights require a high level of group coordination, making them difficult for random groups to complete in Veteran mode.

The real challenge comes in the form of the final boss known as Zaan the Scalecaller. Many new mechanics are being added to Hardmode combat, along with the increased power of Zaan’s attacks. Defeating Zaan in Hardmode is a great achievement, and it’s still a tough fight even for a veteran.

7/10 Frostvault

Frostvault is a fairly easy dungeon until you get to the final boss. Even on normal difficulty, the Stonekeeper boss has a mechanic that sends your party into a unique room that requires you to complete tasks before exiting. You can use the Skeevatrons, little mouse-shaped robots, to travel around the area and destroy conveyor belts.

The reason this mechanic is so difficult is that there is a learning curve in figuring out the buttons associated with each Skeevatron ability, and you have to think about Veteran and Hardmode difficulties quickly if you survive and each want to destroy the conveyor belt in time. Although the actual combat is easy, the Skeevatrons are difficult to master at first.

6/10 Earthroot Enclave

Earthen Root Enclave is one of the most strategic dungeons you will encounter, as it introduces many unique mechanics. As usual, the first two bosses feature a Hardmode variant, but it takes particularly experienced groups to defeat all three bosses.

Archdruid Devyric is the main boss that you will encounter in Earthen Root Enclave, and there are a lot of mechanics that you need to become familiar with before you can win the fight. Aside from his usual Firewolf and Earthquake attacks, Archdruid Devyric can transform into a bear, giving him a completely different moveset. If you like unique boss fights with a twist then the hardmodes in Earthen Root Enclave are a lot of fun.

5/10 The Dread Cellar

The Dread Cellar is a terrifying dungeon for a vampire due to the fire damage it inflicts. However, it’s a challenge regardless of your vampirism status, especially if you’re attempting to take down any of the three bosses on Hardmode difficulty.

Magma Incarnate is one of the toughest dungeon bosses in The Elder Scrolls Online, even on regular Veteran mode. You’ll have to dodge many fire AOEs as well as a fire tornado while battling the Magma Incarnate, making it difficult to maneuver around the battlefield. You need a solid tank and a healer to mitigate the damage taken on The Dread Cellar Hardmode difficulty.

4/10 dig deep

Like other recent dungeons in The Elder Scrolls Online, Graven Deep has three primary bosses, each with a Hardmode difficulty that you can activate in Veteran Mode. The first two bosses don’t pose too much of a threat to organized groups, but Zelvraak is an imposing force that you can only beat with strong group communication.

Zelvraak has many unique mechanics, e.g. B. It forces you to turn away from him to avoid his attack. Also, you have to face three secret bosses to get every possible buff you can use against Zelvraak. If you like a challenge, then Graven Deep is perfect in both regular Veteran mode and Hardmode.

3/10 rock garden

Stone Garden has three boss fights, each containing a Hardmode variant. The first two boss fights are easy enough for a seasoned group of adventurers, although the second is hardmode hardmode than the first. However, Arkasis is the final boss of Stone Garden, and the difficulty increases significantly during this fight.

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Arkasis is not only a threat during this fight, but you also have to fight against many additional enemies that are quite powerful on Veteran and Hardmode difficulties. You’ll also need to master a unique werewolf transformation in Stone Garden, required to defeat the final boss, adding an extra learning curve to an already difficult fight.

2/10 Red Petal Bastion

Red Petal Bastion is a fun dungeon that introduces many new concepts and mechanics to unsuspecting adventurers. On the standard Veteran difficulty, Red Petal Bastion is not particularly challenging for a DLC dungeon. However, it does contain three bosses with a Hardmode setting, so you’re in for quite a challenge if you enjoy completing Hardmode battles.

Rogerain, the first boss, is not too difficult on any difficulty. However, the second and especially the third boss will easily defeat a disorganized group due to the boss attacks. Eliam is the fast second boss that moves a lot, while Prior Thierric is a very challenging boss with an arsenal of attacks that allows you to move around the battlefield at any time. A strong tank is essential to take down all three Hardmode bosses in Red Petal Bastion, as the tank takes a lot of damage during each fight.

1/10 coral nest

Coral Aerie was released just before the High Isle expansion. There are dozens of mechanics to master to beat the hardest difficulty and three bosses with Hardmode variants. Varallion is the final boss, and he’s quite powerful for a number of reasons.

First, you have to fight Gryphons alongside Varallion, which is quite exhausting for the tank. In addition to the extra Gryphons, there are several AoE attacks that can easily kill any party member during this fight if you’re not careful. Even on normal Veteran Mode, Coral Aerie is an incredibly difficult dungeon to complete.

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