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Elden Ring Patch 1.06 brings gifts for heavy weapon users and White Mask Varre fans who don’t care about PvP

FromSoftware has released a new patch for elden ring early today. Patch 1.06 is not one of the biggest in the game so far, but it brings some improvements to the game mechanics.

Aside from that and the usual bug fixes, the patch also adjusts White Mask Varre’s questline so that it’s possible to complete it without having to raid other players.

The first new feature of update 1.06 is Extending the range of summoning marks. Players can now send their marks to multiple summoning pools, making it easier for them to get a match. You can even do this for “distant areas”, but that doesn’t include Mohgwyn Palace.

The same goes for invasions, which can now reach a much larger number of possible areas. The other important addition is a new NPC that will become part of it The White Mask Varre quest line.

Previously, in order to complete this quest, players had to conduct a series of invasions of real player games, which a large number of players are not interested in doing. Varre’s Quest was the only one in Elden Ring with a PvP component.

However, thanks to today’s patch, you can advance the quest by defeating the NPC. The invasion part of the quest line remains as an option.

More interesting than the new content and features is what 1.06 is doing to the balance of the game. The update does with a Greatswords, Curved Greatswords, Great Hammers, and Great Axes its worth it. A big problem with these heavy weapons is the time it takes before you can roll after landing an attack.

FromSoft did it that way Rolling can start faster after an attack with these weapons, although that doesn’t include leaping, dual wielding, and mounted combat. Attack animation for Heavy and Charged Attacks has also been sped up, and the same goes for Guard Counters.

The rolling course for players with a light equipment load has been increased, which should make the lightest gear loader more viable as it didn’t always stand out from the popular medium gear loader.

In addition, patch 1.06 brings some balance changes Bloodhound step (abused in PvP) – makes it less effective when used continuously, shortening its travel distance and reducing invincibility frames. Fast step, on the other hand, has been improved by activating faster and traveling longer distances with a light gear load. However, like the Bloodhound Step, his power will be reduced if you spam him.

For the full changelog, see the official blog. And for everything else we have in the game, our Elden Ring guide will continue to come in handy.

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