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eFootball v2.5.0 update: release date and more

eSoccer 2023 Developers Konami confirmed earlier this month that the gaming community will receive update 2.5.0 and provided some information on what’s coming with this update.

Konami had a pretty bad year in 2022 when it came to eFootball and that was because the game had huge bugs and wasn’t updated enough, or the bugs were the ones they had a hard time fixing.

In 2023, the tide has definitely changed as we have seen that eFootball is free from major bugs that make the game unplayable and also offers consistent updates that also bring fresh new content.


With a few updates on the horizon, let’s take a look at when Update 2.5.0 will go live in eFootball 2023.

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The good news is that eFootball players don’t need to be surprised by random updates. In fact, Konami is revealing information about when these updates will be released by posting on Twitter.

The eFootball Twitter post did not reveal the exact date this update will go live; However, the month in which it will be released has been announced. Players will be happy to hear that Patch 2.5.0 will be released in April 2023. This is not far off at all, coming a few weeks after the 2.4.2 update, which will be released on March 23, 2023.

In the tweet, they said, “Please note that features introduced in the previous 2023 Spring Update Info post will be available in the v2.5.0 update scheduled for April. Information on the v2.5.0 update schedule will be shared in due course.” That’s good news and we can share some of the information they were talking about here with you Spring update information post:

eFootball by Konami poster

Additional player slots in My Team

  • The current contingent of 500 player slots can be gradually increased to a maximum of 900 using GP.

New feature for users to add player skills to existing players

  • 5 additional skills are added to all players in My Team. *Each player can have a maximum of 15 player skills. For these additional skill slots, users can use the newly introduced “Skill Training Programs” to randomly add new player skills.

Additional player contract renewal items and ways to obtain them

  • As of v2.5.0, users can receive “Contract Extension (10 days)” in addition to GP and training items upon release of 5★ PV players of the following player types.
  • epos
  • Legendary
  • Trending
  • To mark
  • highlighted
  • “Contract Extension (10 Days)” will also be available in the Match Pass and as other rewards.

New “Legacy Transfer” feature for users to transfer experience points and additional skills from one player to another

  • Select a player from whom you want to transfer all experience points and additional abilities, then select “Legacy Transfer” and select a player who meets the necessary conditions to inherit those experience points and additional abilities.
  • *Legacy transfer requires GP. The exact amount of GP corresponds to the player whose experience points and additional abilities are transferred.
  • *Once the process is complete, the player used for the legacy transfer will be deleted.
  • *Once the capturing player’s experience points have been maxed out, the excess amount of experience points will not be carried over.

We will reveal everything as Konami releases more news and patch notes for eFootball update 2.5.0. Hopefully they’ve fixed some bugs that were frustrating players and also made some small tweaks that will help the game continue to thrive.


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