Just when Pokemon fans thought they couldn’t get their gaming anthem, Ed Sheeran stepped in to master and shape some intriguing tunes. And surprise! Pokemon will appear in the song. But tune in to find out more about when, where and what the song will be.


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Ed Sheeran is a popular and established singer-songwriter. In addition, his songs find a place in almost every playlist. He is often connoted as the singer who brightens the mood. Surprisingly, the artist has taken on the task of presenting a song about the lovable series from the video game community Pokemon.


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Thanks to this collaboration with Nintendo, fans will finally get a tune to groove before dozing off into an endless gaming session

Pokemon has a particular following in the video game community. Nintendo has worked closely with Pokemon when it comes to gaming. The gaming company has produced some of the most amazing gaming titles in the past. Mainly consoles like Game Boy and 3DS covered the Pokemon games. But before that, players might have noticed the emptiness of a Pokemon anthem to set the mood.

Well, gamers will be delighted if Shape of You singer Ed Sheeran took on the task of presenting a beautiful piece of Pokemon sheet music. And as icing on the cake, the song hits the charts on September 29th, likely on YouTube and other music streaming platforms. September is shaping up to be something always beautiful, isn’t it?

In addition, the song is named “Heavenly.‘ This song reflects the partnership between The Pokemon Company and Ed Sheeran. Players would know that the singer has a special place in the game. As he expressed his fondness for Pokemon Black in a tweet years ago.

Earlier Ed had also released a small clip from the song. Therefore, in a week, fans will finally be able to see the official dubbing of the song. This is blockbuster news for the community as the Detective Pokemon game will also have a sequel in the near future.


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Until then, here are fans’ reactions when they found out about the singer’s songs themselves:

Pokémon fans have something to worry about as there is some good news regarding Pikachu

Speaking of Pikachu, don’t forget the cinematic adventure game Detective Pikachu. The game was released in 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS family systems. Also, its sequel was announced in 2019. However, this declaration aged like fine wine. Recently, something hinted at the upcoming release of the sequel.


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As reported by NintnedoLife, “Creatures Inc and PTCG Development Division Senior Programmer Jonathan Murphy (who has been in that position for 5 years) notes how he has been working on an “unannounced project” and Detective Pikachu 2 which is nearing release.”

Coming from someone closely associated with the game, fans can therefore have confidence that Detective Pikachu could be coming to Nintendo Switch consoles soon. Most importantly, this new song could also go with the gaming sessions.


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What do you expect from the upcoming Nintendo game Detective Pikachu? Tell us your thoughts below.

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