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EcoFlow launches new portable power plants

Energy solutions company EcoFlow has launched three portable power stations that it says will provide consumers with enough power wherever they go. Delta 2, River 2 and River 2 Max arrive while South Africa is in an endless load shedding crisis, offering feature-rich power solutions to cope with an erratic power supply.

All of these EcoFlow power plants are equipped with high-performance lithium-ion batteries that can withstand up to 3,000 full charge cycles before reaching 80% of their capacity. Thanks to a massive power output of 1800W (up to 2200W in X-Boost mode), the Delta 2 can power 90% of home appliances.

“South Africa is not the first country where we have faced electricity problems, nor is it the only one. We have proven ourselves in a variety of markets, so we can confidently vouch for the quality of our products,” says Joy Wu, EcoFlow’s LAMEA and APAC region leader.

Founded in 2017, EcoFlow has built a reputation as a green and tech-savvy energy company for consumers struggling with power disruptions.

EcoFlow provided the following information about the units:

delta 2

With a battery with an expandable capacity of 1-3 kWh, DELTA 2 can easily keep the appliances and devices in your house running during long periods of load shedding. The various capacities of the RIVER 2 series ensure that important devices remain switched on even when the power goes out. Because the DELTA 2 and RIVER 2 series can both be fully charged in less than two hours, users can rest assured that they will always be prepared should a temporary power outage occur.

With a weight of 12 kg (DELTA 2), 6.1 kg (RIVER 2 Max) and 3.5 kg (RIVER 2), all three powerhouses are light enough to be taken anywhere. Each supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and uses standard South African plugs, meaning they can be used anywhere. They also require minimal effort to set up.

The culmination of what EcoFlow is currently offering in South Africa, DELTA 2 is a robust energy solution that gives users the opportunity to become their own energy supplier. With its expandable battery of 1-3 kWh capacity and the enormous performance, the DELTA 2 has enough power for power failures, outdoor adventures and professional work. It will keep your 150W fridge running for 7-10 hours and your 110W TV for 8 hours or more.

With four AC outputs (total power of 1800W, pure sine wave outputs), DELTA 2 lets you power up to 13 devices simultaneously and even run your washing machine for hours. DELTA 2 has a service life of more than 3000 cycles. When plugged into an outlet in your home, it can go from zero to 80% in 50 minutes and fully charge in 80 minutes. When using the EcoFlow solar panels, a full charge takes just three hours.

river 2

For consumers with less onerous power needs, the RIVER 2 and RIVER 2 Max are perfect entry points into the world of portable power. RIVER 2 has a capacity of 256 Wh, a power rating of 300 W (X-Boost 600 W) and 5 sockets. Its bigger cousin, RIVER 2 Max, produces a nominal power of 500W (X-Boost 1000W) with a capacity of 512W and 9 outlets.

Both have a lifespan of 3000 charges before reaching 80% of their capacity, which equates to around a decade of use. RIVER 2 Max offers a full charge time of less than an hour when connected to an AC outlet and four hours with the solar chargers. Similarly, RIVER 2 charges quickly when plugged into an AC wall outlet and takes just 3 hours with solar panels.

One of the outstanding features of all EcoFlow products is the X-Stream technology. This allows EcoFlow power plants to be charged from 0 to 80% in less than an hour. In addition, the DELTA 2 and RIVER 2 series are equipped with a number of safety features, including short-circuit protection and over-temperature protection, providing users with additional peace of mind.

Prices and Availability

EcoFlows The DELTA 2 and RIVER 2 series are available from authorized dealers across South Africa and directly from the official website.

The recommended retail price:

  • DELTA 2 – R24,999.00
  • RIVER 2 – R6999.00
  • FLOW 2 MAX – R12,999.00


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