Netflix That ’90s show brings back the majority That 70’s show‘s original cast and characters, with those returning taking lead roles or guest appearances. Revival of the sitcom more than 15 years later That 70’s show come to an end That ’90s show will follow a new generation of Point Place teenagers in the summer of 1995, with the sequel series even reusing Red and Kitty’s legendary basement. Adding to the nostalgia of That ’90s show will be the recurring teen and adult characters from the original sitcom, who now pass the torch of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll misadventures to a new group of teenagers.


Take the lead That ’90s show is Callie Haverda as Leia Forman, the teenage daughter of That 70’s showby Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti. While Donna and Eric’s romantic reunion at the very end remained somewhat ambiguous That 70’s showIn the finale of Leia, Leia’s synopsis confirms that the won’t-they-won’t-they couple survived the original decade to start a family in the ’80s. Leia will be spending the summer with her grandparents, Red and Kitty Forman, in Point Place That ’90s showwho still live in their legendary home but with slightly updated wallpapers for the new era. As Netflix brings audiences back to Point Place, Wisconsin, the sequel series plans to bring back several familiar faces from there That 70’s show to see how much they’ve changed (or not) in the last 15 years.

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While the focus of That ’90s show will be in the new cast of teenagers who Leia Forman befriends in Point Place, one of the most anticipated aspects of the new series will be the cameos of the original characters. Netflix and some of the actors have already confirmed this That 70’s showThe characters from will appear in That ’90s show, although only two recurring characters are billed in lead roles. A leading man out That 70’s show will definitely be missing from the sequel, as Steven Hyde actor Danny Masterson will soon face trial on multiple sexual assault charges – for which Netflix fired him the ranch in 2017. Barring those who won’t be reprising their roles, here’s a breakdown of all of them That 70’s show Actor and character confirmed they will be returning to Netflix That ’90s show.

Kitty Formann

Kitty That 70s Show Season 8

That ’90s show Returns Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty Forman, Eric and Laurie Forman’s doting mother That 70’s show. Throughout the series, he largely served as a mother figure to all of the teenagers. That 70’s show Season 8 finally gave Kitty more meaningful storylines and a chance to shine after Topher Grace’s Eric left the sitcom. With Kitty returning as the main character That ’90s show, the spin-off will continue that positive change with Rupp once again serving as caretaker for a new generation of rebellious Point Place teenagers. While Kitty and her daughter Laurie never agreed That ’90s show is inclined to see a more loving relationship between the character and her granddaughter, Leia.

Red forman

Red eats at the table on That 70s Show

Also returning as a main character in That ’90s show is Kurtwood Smith’s Red Forman, Eric and Laurie’s grumpy and watchful father. The return of red means That ’90s show will inevitably be a lot”dumbass” and “foot in the ass‘ jokes for the new cast, but which should also be aimed at the returning original That 70’s show teenagers. It’s unlikely that Red has changed much since then That 70’s show‘s chronicle, but it will be interesting to see how well he gets along with Leia. Described as having Eric’s snappy mouth and Donna’s intelligence, Red and Leia clash from time to time That ’90s show.

Eric Formann

Topher Grace is confirmed to reprise his role as Eric Forman in That ’90s show, where he is expected to guest star alongside Donna and her daughter Leia. It’s not yet known if Eric and Donna have ever officially married, but after 15 years and one child, that’s to be expected. While Eric served as the main protagonist of That 70’s show By season seven, Topher Grace left the series prior to season eight to pursue other acting opportunities. The character returned for a brief appearance in That 70’s show‘s series finale, with Eric and Donna kissing before joining the gang in the basement on The Circle. Now that Eric is coming back That ’90s show can finally reveal what happened to him in Africa.

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Donna Pinciotti

That 70's show

While Donna was clear that she didn’t want children just yet and was focused on going to college and starting her career, she and Eric hint that she and Eric had a teenager in 1995 that the 1980s didn’t go as originally planned. Nonetheless, Laura Prepon will return as Donna Pinciotti That ’90s showwhere she will at least have a guest appearance to reveal what has become of her lead That 70’s show Character. Probably today with Eric, That ’90s show will finally portray Donna as a mother, with the character expected to have the successful writing career she dreamed of growing up.

Michael Kelso

Kelso in The 70's Show

That 70’s showResident idiot Michael Kelso returns That ’90s show, where the sequel may answer many mysteries about Ashton Kutcher’s iconic role. Kelso left earlier this year That 70’s show Season 8 to move to Chicago as he took on more responsibility in raising his young daughter Betsy after a one night stand with Brooke. in the That 70’s show‘s finale, Kelso returned on New Year’s Eve for one last party with the gang, after which he returned to his job as a bouncer at The Playboy Club in Chicago. While Jackie ended up dating Fez That 70’s showthere has been much speculation as to whether she and Kelso will ever get back together That ’90s show Considering her actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have since got married in real life.

Jackie Burkart

Mila Kunis Jackie Burkhart The Show of the 70's

Mila Kunis has also been confirmed to reprise her role as Jackie Burkhart in That ’90s show, with the character having appeared in every single episode of the original series. The shallow but lovable character became one of them That 70’s show‘s best numbers come from her personal growth over the show’s eight seasons, though Jackie’s endgame romance is still controversial. While Jackie ended That 70’s show In a new relationship with Fez, many fans have still lobbied for her to end up with her past boyfriends Hyde or Kelso, with the latter choice appearing the most likely in the sequel series. Jackie could be a famous reporter, talk show host, or TV personality in the spinoff’s timeline, with the character possibly returning for the release That ’90s show See you on July 4th.


The mysterious That 70’s show character appears in That ’90s show, with Wilmer Valderrama confirmed to be bringing back his iconic role as Fez. With so many unanswered questions about Fez regarding his relationship status, home country and real name, That ’90s show will be the perfect way to solve the character’s biggest mysteries. The end of the story of Fez in That 70’s show was left quite ambiguous outside of his romance with Jackie, so his appearance in That ’90s show will be full of surprising revelations for the beloved character.

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That 70's show

Tommy Chong’s Leo is the first repeat That 70’s show Character confirmed to return That ’90s show, with the Point Place-based stoner set to make at least a small appearance in the Netflix sequel. First introduced as Hyde’s boss in a photo hat, Leo quickly became a familiar face That 70’s show as Hyde’s half-father figure and at the same time a great contrast to the law-abiding lifestyles of Kitty and Red Forman. Leo suddenly disappeared That 70’s show Seasons 5 and 6 before returning in season 7, which was due to Tommy Chong’s real-life arrest for possession of marijuana and sale of drug paraphernalia – a fate that could easily have applied to his own character. Maybe he’ll serve as the new weeder for That ’90s show‘s teenager, Leo will be back as the stoner icon from Point Place That 70’s show.

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