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EA is working on automated coaching system for online players

EA recently filed a patent relating to a system for automated in-game coaching, an innovation that could be used to help players improve in competitive titles. EA has an impressive selection of games, many of which take a skill-based, multiplayer approach to gameplay. That’s why the gaming giant is currently developing a technology that will be used to suggest new techniques to gamers, especially those who are struggling in the game.

In fact, many of the best EA games are multiplayer titles battlefield to titanium fall to mass effect. EA also dominates the industry when it comes to sports games, but the filed patent makes multiple mentions of guns, grenades, and other weapons. It is therefore reasonable to assume that the company plans to integrate the technology into the more competitive games in its portfolio, such as battlefield.


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The automated coaching that EA develops is relatively straightforward. First, the program identifies player errors in multiplayer titles such as Battlefield 2042. It then identifies gameplay elements that may be contributing to the problems. The system will then, through a complex process of semi-random computing, predict opportunities that players can improve and suggest them in-game. If successful, this automated coaching would be incredibly helpful for new players who may be struggling with competitive titles.

Much of this in-game magic will depend on the system’s ability to generate performance models that identify where players are struggling. Specific data is collected from players including ADS time, walk time, damage dealt and more. The system then analyzes possible solutions and only makes suggestions that are likely to lead to an improvement. It’s currently unclear where EA plans to implement this technology, but fans could see it coming to titles like Apex Legends, battlefieldand future competitive multiplayer projects.

The automated coaching technology could certainly be used in single player games like the one to come as well Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but addressing these titles doesn’t seem to be a priority. In fact, mechanics and reaction times often don’t matter that much in games where fans can progress at their own pace. So players shouldn’t expect automated coaching to come to story-driven games before it gets to multiplayer titles. However, there is not much information about this new technology. Players will likely have to wait until EA is ready to reveal more information about this automated coaching.

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