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Dwight’s “Perfect Crime” comes to life in ACNH

Dwight Schrute’s hilarious chandelier heist from The Office has been fully recreated in an adorable new Animal Crossing: New Horizons crossover.

A fan has masterfully recreated Dwight Schrute’s ‘Perfect Crime’ story The office in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The office has become something of a regular on Nintendo’s social simulator, with many fans paying their homage with multiple projects dedicated to NBC’s hit comedy series. One of the most recent tributes comes from a fan who made the intro from neu The office With animal crossing.

Animal crossing new horizons was released in 2020 to resounding commercial success, making the latest entry in Nintendo’s sandbox simulator series one of the best-selling games of all time. As with many popular sandbox titles, several creative fans have turned to it New Horizons to produce a lot of passion projects. More often than not, these fan projects take the form of wonderfully accurate recreations of other popular franchises they’ve been remade with animal crossing‘s unique art style. Thanks to New Horizons’ rich new island mechanics and a robust catalog of customization items, the creative process of bringing such tributes to life just got a whole lot easier for imaginative fans. Out of Squishmallows to Pokemonand even popular comedy series like Schott’s Creek, many fan-favorite franchises have made their way to the islands of Tom Nook. Even a replica of Jurassic Park With Animal Crossing: New Horizons is possible with everything the game has to offer.


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A member of animal crossing‘s subreddit, QweenRaja (also known as kinnybinny on TikTok), treated fans of both animal crossing and The office to a recreation of Dwight Schrute’s “Perfect Crime” anecdote. While Schrute’s original skit was created purely as a narrative description, QweenRaja takes it a step further by creatively portraying each story event animal crossing Financial assets. Every part of the story, from the first burglary at Tiffany’s to storing the chandelier in Berlin, is recreated in dynamic detail. Oddly enough, New Horizons’ The lively animation style provides a hilarious contrast to Dwight Schrute’s highly whimsical performance.

Schrute’s Perfect Crime reinterpreted with Animal Crossing

QweenRaja’s rendition of The Perfect Crime takes its place among several other wonderful ones animal crossing Tribute to the crew of Dunder Mifflin. Along with recovery from The office‘s opening intro has also been used by several fans animal crossing to recreate Dunder Mifflin’s office. By the way, The office‘s original showrunner, Greg Daniels, would see his other hit comedy show, parks and recreation, internally honored animal crossing also. The office has also received similar love letters in other games as dying light 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

While many animal crossing-based tributes will be made in the future, it will be interesting to see if the recent surge of office-based content will continue with them. With The office Undoubtedly one of the most popular comedies of recent years, a plethora of other famous moments akin to Dwight Schrute’s “Perfect Crime” are waiting to be remade animal crossing‘s beloved art style. During content updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons discontinued since last November, the fans turn out to be no less diligent, i.e. more creative Animal Crossing: New Horizons parodies of The office will probably come.

Source: QweenRaja/Reddit, kinnybunny/TikTok

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