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Dream claims he will finally do a Face Reveal video

Popular youtube Content creator Dream confirms in a community update that they will finally be making a face reveal video in the near future after being masked for around three years. Regularly wowing millions of YouTube viewers, Dream’s next video could be his biggest yet as he reveals the face behind it Minecraft Character.

Dream is known for posting Minecraft Videos frequently on YouTube, many of which have exceeded 10 million views from his impressive subscriber pool of more than 30 million. In Dream’s latest YouTube clip, his friends BadBoyHalo, GeorgeNotFound, and Sapnap chased him across the map to defeat him in a speedrunner vs. hunter scenario, but it’s what Dream posted on his channel afterwards that the caught the attention of a large part of his audience. In a standard text post for his channel, which has been liked by over 262,000 YouTube fans since September 19, Dream announced that his next upload will include a face reveal, among other important news.


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According to Dream, GeorgeNotFound moves in with the Dream Team in Florida after finally getting his visa and they prepare for real life Minecraft manhunt. Regarding his long-awaited face reveal, Dream explained that “the mask falls off” and he “can’t wait to meet his fans in person” once they can put a face to the content. Dream teased future projects, hinting that he’s a combination of nervousness and excitement, but as with his upload schedule to date, fans of his YouTube content can expect “more epic.” Minecraft.”

During a Discord chat not long ago, Dream suggested that he’d like to do the much-anticipated face reveal over a weekend to potentially maximize the number of his viewers who can see the video. Dream hinted that this face reveal could happen this weekend or next depending on when co-content creator GeorgeNotFound can personally join the Dream Team, increasing the pressure on the English YouTuber to relocate to Florida. GeorgeNotFound confirmed his visa surfaced on September 18, and the ball has been rolling on his move to Florida ever since.

The top reaction to Dream’s community update about his face reveal expressed that seeing who is behind the content isn’t as important as meeting his best friend “after almost ten years.” While all current Dream fans know him as the gross-out character with the smiley face, some have speculated that future Dream fans might just grow up with his true identity and not the persona he assumed when he launched his channel in 2019 .

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