Dragon Ball: Everything we know about the Fortnite collaboration

It’s almost official Fourteen days plans an epic collaboration with dragon ball Bring the Z fighters to the island of battle royale, and now more than ever there are leaks and details surrounding this special event.

The crossover that would bring the Z Fighters to the island Fourteen days It hasn’t been confirmed by Epic Games or Toei Animation or Shueisha. Nevertheless Files were found in the game that sooner or later indicate this We will see their country in the game. In addition, after the event dedicated to the Leaf Village Shinobi It doesn’t sound so far-fetched that the next lands are the protagonists in battle royale dragon ball.

What Dragon Ball skins are arriving in Fornite?

Data miners pointed this out at least four characters dragon ball will arrive as part of the collaboration at Fortnite: Goku, Vegeta, Beerus and a female character whose identity has not been disclosed. It could be Bulma if we play it safe, but we’ll have to wait for the official information.

cosmetics and accessories

The leaked data suggests that Capsule Corporation’s famous Hoi Poi pod will be part of a package that will also include the combat pods used by the Saiyans to transport themselves into space. Apparently, these items will be available in both Battle Royale and Creative modes. The files also reveal an emote to transform into a Saiyan and the ability to launch a Kamehameha..

This is what Goku would look like in Battle Royale

A little tribute to Dragon Ball

It is possible that Fourteen days contain a small but significant homage to the franchise created by Akira Toriyama, as has been the case with previous crossovers. In this way, it was revealed that Master Roshi’s Kame house could have a special appearance in the game.

When is Dragon Ball’s Fortnite collaboration coming?

It is important to note that the official date when we will have this new collaboration in battle royale has not yet been announced. However, leakers such as @Hypex (Twitter) commented on this dragon ball could arrive in Fortnite in the second week of August. From that date, there will be seven weeks of exclusive challenges, new modes, and inspired rewards Dragon Ball Z.


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