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DraftKings Kansas: How to Get the Early Bird Bonus

DraftKings Kansas has begun its efforts to gain significant market share in the soon to be launched state betting market. As in previous states, the company will be looking to win a competitive race against some other big-name brands, and to ensure early success it has introduced a pre-registration window that will encourage new users looking to get in before launch Wrinkle. In short, the app wants to book as many prospects as possible and therefore has an additional incentive for a strong start.

DraftKings Kansas’ pre-registration efforts will allow any eligible resident of the state to register for the betting program prior to its official launch.

In return, the company gives all potential customers a $100 head start to take advantage of when the betting goes live. In addition, such players also have the opportunity to participate in a free bet of $100,000.

Sure, the six-figure free bet is going to be a long shot, but starting the experience with an extra $100, which comes on top of the new player offers the app will have at launch, means getting into the fold early means getting into the fold at a maximum incentive leads.

New players can claim the DraftKings Kansas pre-registration bonus by clicking right here.

DraftKing’s Kansas App looks to be winning early

DraftKings Kansas’ approach isn’t all that unique. In recently launched markets such as new York, Illinois, and Louisiana, the app also offered a pre-registration window, although the length of such a run-up varied between the two markets. While some competitors often wave the option of later claiming a standard sign-up promotion for new users once a pre-registration bonus has been received, that is not the case here. This will appear in addition to the expected specials that are available when the switch is flipped.

In terms of what bettors can expect if what is rumored to happen in the coming weeks or months, the most likely outcome is that the special will focus on the National Football League. Industry experts are currently estimating the arrival of KS sportsbook to be between late September and early November, although as we have seen in other markets such schedules are subject to change. Either way, it would be an absolute hoot if the state didn’t start taking bets before the end of this forecast.

How to register for DraftKings Kansas

In general, the process of signing up and depositing money into a new sports betting account is relatively simple and straight forward. That’s the case here at DraftKings Kansas. Notably, players are not yet able to make a real money deposit as the pre-registration window only allows general registration. However, players can follow these steps to ensure they have applied themselves for the maximum allocation of incentives:

  • Register with a click here.
  • This will direct players to a special landing page. Click the button on this page to go to the registration panel.
  • Provide some general information.
  • When the app goes live, come back, make a deposit and start betting.

A potential game changer

As mentioned above, the DraftKings Kansas app also offers an opportunity to enter a six-figure ($100,000) free bet. While pre-registration goes to all participants with a $100 head start, this one has more of a lottery feel.

New players can claim the DraftKings Kansas pre-registration bonus by clicking right here.

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