Don’t Have Pickleball on Tennis Courts’ – An American double veteran’s innocent question turns into ‘World War III’ mode as tennis purists lash out

Another racquet sport called pickleball is gaining popularity around the world lately. While some in the tennis community welcome it, some of the tennis purists are opposed to the sport. The most common reason for this is the fact that it is less physically demanding. Also, some players recently switched from tennis to pickleball.

While there are concerns that pickleball tennis is gaining popularity, tennis purists are not satisfied with tennis courts being used for pickleball. Recently, former tennis star Pam Shriver asked a simple question about the confusion created by using tennis courts for pickleball. Here’s what happened.

Purists are unhappy with using tennis courts for pickleball


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Since pickleball has risen in popularity, tennis purists have been concerned. Not only has it taken away a few tennis players, but it also threatens to gain popularity. What makes her even angrier is using tennis courts to organize pickleball matches.

Anger erupted recently when former tennis star Pam Shriver asked a simple question about using tennis courts for pickleball. On her Twitter accountShe wrote, “Crowdsourcing this question I got from a friend today – ‘How do you line the pickleball and tennis courts so it’s less confusing? We’ve done our homework on line colors to avoid confusion, but I’d like your opinion!” Thanks for all the insights, including photos.” That’s how people reacted to it.

Veteran tennis commentator David Law was quick to answer Shriver’s question.

This is how others have reacted.


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Although it is understandable that using a tennis court for another sport can cause many problems. While some concerns here are genuine, the others arose out of hatred. Previously, former American tennis star John McEnroe made a U-turn on his stance on pickleball while performing at an event.


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As pickleball grows in popularity, it will surely have its own courts soon.


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However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the tennis community’s reaction shows their insecurity about the sport, more than concerns about confusion. While it seems a bit unlikely, do you think pickleball can eclipse tennis for years to come? Let us know in the comments section.


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