According to DNA’s Digital Lifestyles survey, more than half of Finns use streaming services like Netflix. Netflix usage is most common among young people. With the new series Dance Brothers, Netflix now also offers Finnish content. Dance Brothers is available to watch on Netflix starting today, May 10. Enjoying films and series also requires a fast and low-latency internet connection.

According to DNA’s Digital Lifestyles survey*, more than half of Finns (53%) watch TV content via paid streaming services. Well over a third also say they use streaming apps like Netflix on tablets and smartphones (37%).

Netflix usage is most common among young age groups. More than half (55%) of all survey participants say they use Netflix: as many as 85% of 16-24 year olds and 79% of 25-34 year olds do.

Netflix is ​​now launching its first Finnish local series, Dance Brothers. In the drama series, dancer brothers Roni and Sakari try to make a living from dancing and start their own club to finance their dream.

“DNA is our long-standing partner and together we bring our amazing products together so our customers can enjoy local and international content like Dance Brothers, The Glory and Beef,” said Patrick Danckwardt, Head of Business Development, Nordic Countries and Benelux at Netflix .

“We are delighted that Netflix has chosen DNA’s broadband connection as part of Finland’s most popular streaming service and that we can offer Finns the best possible viewing experience with our joint service,” said Mikko Saarentaus, Vice President, Entertainment Business at DNA.

DNA customers can purchase Netflix as a bundle subscription for DNA Netti and Netflix Family. This allows customers to get both services at an affordable customer benefit price, easily with a single DNA bill.

*The Digital Lifestyles Survey, jointly prepared by DNA and Nepa, was conducted from May 4th to 12th, 2022 using an online panel. The aim is to find out how Finns use different digital services and how their use is changing. 1,000 Finns aged 16 to 74 took part in the annual survey. The survey has been conducted since 2013. The research report can be downloaded here (in Finnish).

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