Between Disney+ and Netflix, many subscribers are getting more of what they want — a lower price on Disney and more features on Netflix. Back in March, Disney announced it would release a cheaper, ad-supported plan on Disney+ later this year. With over 100 million subscribers worldwide, the company anticipates that the majority of its users will switch to this plan.

Based on our Hulu experience, we actually have more AVOD [ad-supported video-on-demand] as SVOD [subscription VOD] subscribers,” said Christine McCarthy, Disney CFO. “We’re expecting about the same percentage for Disney+ and Hulu, just based on the experience curve we’ve seen.

Disney will increase its revenue from ads

McCarthy adds that Disney+ ad inventory is sold at a premium to increase average revenue per subscriber. All the details we know so far is that the plan will cost less than the current $7.99/month plan and will launch in the US later this year.

diversity The ad-supported tier will reportedly only display ads for four minutes an hour on average — less than Hulu. It will start with 15- and 30-second spots and expand to a “full suite of advertising products” in the future. The company expects Disney+ to be in around 150 markets by the end of the year after expanding into more countries this summer.

Netflix is ​​upping its game with accessibility

In addition, Netflix is ​​improving its audio descriptions, subtitles, and subtitles to make its content more accessible. In celebration of Accessibility Awareness Day, Netflix is ​​expanding accessibility features and launching a collection of new stories highlighting people with disabilities.

The company also creates audio descriptions and subtitles in additional languages ​​such as Spanish, French, Korean and Portuguese.

According to Heather Dowdy, Director of Accessibility at Netflix:

We’re adding more titles because we realize people are finding these inclusive stories all over the world. We’ve got some global hits if you think about it Squid Game and La Casa de Papeland we want our members and others in other countries to be able to access this content as well.

These improvements are put to good use. Netflix says 40% of its subscribers regularly use subtitles and enjoy shows such as His field with audio description.

Cheaper Disney+, new Netflix accessibility features

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