Disney Lorcana First Chapter Starter Decks

Disney and Ravensburger have teamed up for a brand new trading card game. Disney Lorcana coming out this fall. The game aims to be a less competitive deck builder that features popular Disney characters. Although it will compete against the trading card giants of Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-OhAnd Pokemonthis entry from Disney is already gaining an avid following.

Disney Lorcana tries to avoid Pokemon’s issue of being inaccessible to players due to exclusive cards and has decided to price starter decks comparatively cheaply. For the games coming this fall, there are three announced starter decks and booster packs for each deck. Each of the three starter decks is designed to be immediately playable and includes the rules of the game, even without additional booster packs.


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Disney Lorcana First Chapter Starter Decks revolve around two of the magic inks

Disney Lorcana First Chapter Starter Decks - Image shows 3 deck packs, one featuring Mulan and Mickey, one featuring Cruella and Aladdin, and one featuring Aurora and Simba

Disney Lorcana Cards are divided into six magic inks, with each ink playing differently. Each of the three First Chapter Starter Decks contains two colors of this ink.

  • Amber and Amethyst, with Moana and Mickey
  • Emerald and Ruby, with Cruella De Vil and Aladdin
  • Sapphire and Steel, with Aurora and Simba

inks in Disney Lorcana are similar MTG’s color system, with each ink representing a specific type of magic. Each starter deck includes a 60-card dual ink deck, plus a booster pack containing 12 random cards, 11 tokens, and a rulebook.

Booster packs and more for Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana First Chapter Booster Packs - Shown are three booster packs, one featuring Elsa, one featuring Mickey and one featuring Maleficent

Disney Lorcana Booster Packs give players 12 random cards, including six common cards, three uncommon cards, two rare, super rare, or legendary cards, and one premium random rarity card. Players wanting even more can also purchase a gift set that includes Mulan and Hades and includes two oversized foil cards, two playable foil cards, 34 tokens, and four booster packs. For the ultimate experience, the Illumineer’s Trove set includes the following:

  • storage box
  • Two deck boxes
  • Eight booster packs
  • 15 tokens
  • Player’s Guide, providing a visual guide to every card in The First Chapter along with deck building tips and game strategies.

As opposed to the more daunting ones Pokémon trading card gameeverything players need to get started Disney Lorcana is included in these sets to get things started. Disney Lorcana: The first chapter is scheduled for release in September 2023 and will be followed by four expansion sets each year. An ongoing story is told across the expansion versions, although details on the story are scarce so far.

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Credit: Disney Lorcana Club/YouTube


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