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Discussion about the new bird in Angry Birds 2


Rovio, the publisher behind it Angry Birds 2, recently added a brand new bird to the weapon mix, Melody. Melody is the first brand new bird to be added to the game in years. Melody adds two new mechanics, as she can breathe in objects when she gets close and then fire them in a direction you choose, while also crashing into the pig’s base. We had the opportunity to have a quick chat with some of the team members while interviewing the Head of Brand Operations, Eeva Aaltonenand the production manager of Stockholm Studio, Anastasia Kharlamovaabout the latest addition.

Interview: Discussion about the new bird in Angry Birds 2

Hello everyone, how was the past year?

EA: Things have been great! It has been a very eventful year for us with launches (such as Angry Bird’s journey), new partnerships (incl Roblox and Minecraft) as well as new animated content (like our Netflix series Angry Birds Summer Madness). From a brand perspective, we’ve put a lot of effort into things like growing our fanbase through new partnership initiatives, our Rovio Discord server, and social media interactions with our fans.

What made you decide to add a brand new character? Angry Birds 2?

AK: That’s something our players have been asking for a while. We thought about how to make our competitive play features even more interesting and versatile, and this year we’ve made it possible to fully customize the swarm, opening up the opportunity for a new bird to come in and spice up the competition.

Interview: Discussion about the new bird in Angry Birds 2

It’s been seven long years since this last happened. Why now and why this character?

AK: We’re constantly investigating different parts of the game, the team behind it Angry Birds 2 is not that big, so we always have to be strict with our priorities. We also felt that in the end it’s not always interesting to keep adding “extra birds” just for the sake of adding them, as players could only choose one for the flock. So we needed time to invest in a major change, which was happening this year. Now players can choose which birds they want to add to their flock and the upcoming new bird will be more relevant for all our players. Why this particular character, the brand new ability we want to create for Angry Birds 2 is a unique mechanic not seen in any existing bird in other franchises. So we decided this is a good time to create a new character that we can join Angry Birds 2 Universe. Of course, some of these existing birds may join later in the future!

What was the process of testing them to make sure they were fun and not groundbreaking?

AK: We have an internal process for testing new gameplay elements. We’ll start with playtesting within the team, and when the developers are happy with the results, we’ll start playtesting with the whole studio. We’re testing different parts of the game, focusing on competitive features. We’re also making sure that existing mechanics (terrain, pigs, turrets) remain relevant and challenging with the introduction of the new bird.

Interview: Discussion about the new bird in Angry Birds 2
Photo credit: Rovio

Aside from obviously getting people back to playing the game, what’s the plan with the character in the long-term vision of the game and franchise?

AK: ​​We hope that the bird will please players and become a permanent part of the Angry Birds family. When that happens, anything is possible. Who knows, she might even get her own Twitter account :).

The new bird character is part of a larger update to the game. What else are you adding to the game?

AK: With the introduction of Melody, we’re also trying a different approach to adding characters to the game. We’ll be hosting a series of events related to “new birds” that are new to the game, including one starting this week that will feature new levels and content.

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