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Discotek Media announced a slew of new licenses and forthcoming releases, including Blu-ray releases from , at their Anime Boston panel on Saturday planet with, Ah girl and more.

Announcements made during the panel are in alphabetical order.

Ah girl: Blu-ray release with subtitles only planned for August 2022.

Flying phantom ship: Released for the first time on Blu-ray, will contain an original Japanese track with subtitles and a brand new English dubbing by Kocha Sound. Estimated release end of 2022.

Lupine the Third: Dead or Alive: Blu-ray release with subtitles and Funimation dub tracks. Bonus features include an interview with Monkey Punch, trailers, an art gallery, and credits. Expected release later in 2022.

Planet WITH: Subtitles only Blu-ray release with special features including an alternate finale episode with various music cues. Planned release in August 2022.

Shogun’s samurai (Live Action): Subtitles-only Blu-ray release of Kinji Fukusaku’s film starring Sonny Chiba. Planned release in autumn 2022 under the new label Nihon Nights.

Symphogear AXZ: Subtitles-only Blu-ray release planned for fall 2022.

Virtua Fighter: SD-BD release with subtitles and original Anime Works dub tracks (first 24 episodes) with additional features to be announced. Expected release later in 2022.

The panel also provided updates for upcoming versions of beezlebub, Fatal Fury the Movie, Lupine the Third vs Detective Conan TV Special and more in Twitter announcement thread.

Kyle Cardine is the Managing Editor at Crunchyroll. You can find his twitter here.

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