jump into the pool DIG – Deep in galaxies It was a small leap of faith. The Molton Studio title published by Raiser Games seduced me with its proposal villainous and their screenshots pixel art, but mistrust existed. Will she be able to steal hours from the other giants of the genre? As she played, she flipped the idea in her head. Without having a clear answer, I looked at the time: it was getting dark and I had to go to sleep.

Explore the universe

That’s the first symptom of a video game doing well. If you’re so engrossed in the game that you’re not even paying attention to your surroundings, it’s because at that moment the center of your universe is on screen. The work proposes us to overthrow the Overlord, a kind of galactic dictator who rules various solar systems with an iron fist. As members of a rebel group, it is our duty to put an end to their tyranny.

The plot isn’t like it’s going to develop far beyond that approach, but it doesn’t need to. You will be much more aware Chop blocks, shoot anything that moves, and get a build that turns you into a tank of mass destruction. In DIG – Deep in galaxies We move through different planets of our choice and plant ourselves there to fulfill goals of all kinds.

Each of the celestial bodies has its own characteristics, be it its safety level, gravity or the surface we are going to come into contact with. So it’s more than possible that we’ll get caught in a gun battle, hunt fish in the depths of the water, or destroy electronic devices in the burning lava. There are many factors to consider with the terrain itself and the type of mission we want to undertake, but true chicha comes with our character.

fight your way through

More than 200 objects and 180 skills make up the range of options to build the avatar we control. That means, a roguelike well-fed with possibilities like carrying a golf club in one hand and an AK-47 in the other. We have a handgun and a long gun that have their own stats such as: B. the rate of fire, the damage they deal or the ammo they can accumulate.

Surely we will go through all of them because there is not one that is clearly worse than the others, but there are moments of need when it is necessary to resort to their advantages. Of course, this isn’t just about shooting bats, golems and rats in a very careful pixel art style, you have to exploit the blocks as if we were in Minecraft since the worlds are procedurally generated. All floors, ceilings and walls that we see DIG – Deep in galaxies It is completely destructible with a few exceptions and has a lot more flesh than first meets the eye.

First of all we can start digging with the short weapon to advance to the point we need and hopefully come across a chest that will improve our skills. On the other hand, If we dig properly we will be able to sculpt natural covers to take a breather in the chaos. Even if we don’t want to hack ourselves, we can always resort to explosion boxes.

Finally, among so much land that we will collect, there are numerous veins of diamonds, gold and various minerals that will become the long-awaited money that we need. Mobility is key and is complemented by a rope that we can anchor to the ceiling to swing like Tarzan in the jungle. You’ll feel in control at all times, double jump through.

Because yes, in the middle of the galactic void we will come across shops where we can buy an apple to regain the life we ‚Äč‚Äčlack, get that positronic ray that destroys everything, or boots that save us from being burned by lava. In the beginning you have to be very clear which character we want to use since each one has unique properties and various special attacks that we must use.

One of the strengths of DIG – Deep in galaxies is to be able to enjoy different game modes both alone and in company. We can play Liberate the Galaxy, which would become the main plot line to visit planets, the Challenge, a purely roguelike format in which we’ll switch between scenarios of our choice and Battles to live through together with other friends. .

Thanks to Steam Remote Play, all you have to do is invite a friend to start the show right away. As if that wasn’t enough, thanks to the global leaderboards, there’s always a reason to bite and play another game. The truth is that the sensations after playing my first few hours of the Molton Studio title have been enormously positive. Follow the guide of a good roguelike along with an attractive visual section and a catchy soundtrack DIG – Deep In Galaxies is a safe bet for the genre.

platforms: PC (played version)
multiplayer: Yes
developer: Molton Studio
Pursue: Raiser games
begin: March 8, 2023

Disclaimer: DIG – Deep In Galaxies is a game published by Raiser Games, a company of the Webedia group, which also owns VidaExtra

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