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Did Disney bury ‘Strange World’ because of gay characters?

Although it had a budget of $180 million, Disney’s animated adventure game was Strange World has raised just $18.8 million domestically and $9.4 million worldwide, for a total of $28.2 million, according to the latest information from Box Office Mojo as of Tuesday.

It’s “the worst opening for a Disney Animation Thanksgiving title in modern times.” The Hollywood Reporter notes, although the article goes on to mention that fukn’s overall attendance is down 53 percent from 2019 and 12 percent from the previous year.

strange world follows three generations of the Clade family and their adventures through “uncharted and treacherous lands where fantastical creatures await” like the reporter brings it.

fans like them Reporter, think bad marketing deserves a significant chunk of blame. The animated story featured Disney’s first interracial gay teenager, Ethan Clade (voiced by Jaboukie Young-White), with a small scene in which he was left speechless near his crush, Diazo – and there are those who believe Disney did that on purpose buried film.

“Saw Strange World and I’ll be Damd, Disney Animation actually had a character that wasn’t just paying lip service to online items, but now I’m wondering if that’s the reason for the poor marketing/merch for this film. My theory: The people in charge want this movie to go under the radar,” tweeted one moviegoer.

Others think along the same lines. “I’ve been to the cinema over 100 times this year and haven’t seen a single Strange World trailer,” said another. “You’re doing this on purpose. They bury it on purpose so they can say, “See? Nobody wants to see such films.’ Maybe if the studio promoted it, they would.”

But despite the currently lackluster box office, fans are sharing their love for the feature and its family across cyberspace.

“I LOVED THIS MOVIE,” one fan tweeted. “Ethan is such a good example of how I love to see black and LGBTQ characters – LOVED.” I NEVER thought I would see the day see myself in a Disney character, representation is so beautiful. Disney gave it up to flop but WATCH STRANGE WORLD!”

Another said: “If you’re looking for a movie filled with joy and creativity, check out #StrangeWorld. It’s like embarking on an exciting adventure full of laughter and surprises! @Disney proves once again how a well-crafted story can shape true imaginations for all ages.”

As for reviews on Google and the like, one person said, “The 1.7 on Google is a gross exaggeration. A bunch of fat Boomer parents are just mad at the gay character. It’s a good film.” Another commented, “A lot of very sensitive people evaluate this bombing. The movie is cute and entertaining and the visuals are amazing. If you think gay people exist because they’re shoving their “lifestyle” down your throat and having trouble having simple conversations with your kids because of it, maybe just let it go. It’s a secondary story arc. Disney seems to be intentionally fueling this one with virtually zero ads anyway.”

/Movie called out the review-bombing on IMDB and other platforms, citing the film’s “big budget, unclear marketing campaign, allegedly bumpy corporate policies,” in addition to the “general lack of box office attendance this year.”

Disney recently fired CEO Bob Chapek and brought back Bob Iger to the position. Among other things, Chapek has been criticized for a delayed and mistreated response to the “don’t say gay” legislation in Florida, where Disney is the largest employer.

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