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Did Anya Taylor-Joy and Charlize Theron connect about Mad Max: Furiosa? Here’s the latest from the Queen’s Gambit Star

Some were disappointed when it was announced that Charlize Theron, who played Furiosa, was in Mad Max: Fury Roadwould not return for the coming one Mad Max: Furiosa. But excitement was enlivened when Queen’s Gambit Star Anya Taylor-Joy was set to take on the role. She recently wrapped filming on the project and seems very excited to be a part of such a massive title. Fans were wondering if the two Furiosa actresses were happy or not, to which Taylor-Joy recently revealed the answer.

At the NYC premiere of her new movie The menu, Taylor-Joy was asked by People Magazine if that was the case or not Splits Star had met with Theron after he landed the role. While Taylor-Joy clearly had a lot of love and respect for her Fast and Furious star, she revealed the two have yet to have a conversation but hopes to meet in the future. The actress in detail:

Charlize was sweet enough – I think we both got into a situation where we were both so respectful of each other that we didn’t want to come forward beforehand [to filming]. The second it’s over, when this press tour is over, we’ll have dinner and we’ll be swapping war stories for sure. It’s a totally unique situation and I just finished it 13 days ago and then I was thrown into this circus so I think it’s going to take me a second to understand what’s going on. But I’m really grateful to be here and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this man Furiosa’s incredible creatives. The world of Mad Max is totally unique and epic to a degree I can’t even get my head around [describe].

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