Everyone is still reeling from the emotional yet exciting feeling Derry girls Season 3 finale and 45 minute special. Nobody can imagine that the teen series will actually come to an end. But fans are happy that the series got a satisfying ending. Now that the final season is wrapped, when can people in the US expect season 3 to hit Netflix? We’ve shared everything we know about them Derry girls Season 3 Netflix release date below.

Derry girls premiered on Channel 4 in January 2018 and became an instant hit. Critics and viewers had mostly positive comments about the show over the course of the run. The show managed to grow its viewer base with the airing of each season, and people around the world were curious about what the show was about. Luckily, people living in the US were finally able to watch the series when the full first season was added to Netflix in December 2018.

Although there was a long gap between the airing of the season 1 finale and the arrival of the first season on Netflix, Netflix subscribers were just excited to finally see the show everyone was talking about. Thankfully, the gap for Season 2 was narrowed, as Season 2 arrived on Netflix just four months after the season 2 finale aired.

So what does that mean for them Derry girls Season 3 Netflix release date? Well, we know we won’t be seeing Season 3 in May as it only aired this month. But could we see season 3 in June? We’ve shared release updates for the third and final season below.

Derry Girls Season 3 Netflix Release Updates

As of May 19, Netflix hasn’t given an official release date for Derry girls Season 3. Honestly, Season 3 could be coming to Netflix any day now as the show doesn’t have a set release schedule. Derry girls Season 3 just had to air before it could land on Netflix. Now that the series finale and special have aired, we think there’s a possibility we could see Season 3 as early as June. If Season 3 were to come out in June, we’d likely hear about a release date announcement by the end of May.

But if Netflix decides to go along with the Season 1 or Season 2 release plans, we could be looking at a release sometime next year or sometime in September 2022. Hopefully we’ll see Derry girls Season 3 sooner rather than later.

We’ll definitely share it Derry girls Season 3 Netflix Release Date Announced Once. So stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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