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  • Find a safe place to harvest

Mixing the survival mechanics and base building of rust with the hardcore multiplayer shooting of escape from Tarkov, dead side hopes to create a unique survival experience with its post-apocalyptic world. There are no zombies or hideous costumes here, just battle-hardened humans trying to survive when nature – and the rest of humanity – is after them.

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A big goal that many players will have is to build their own base. Bases are necessary to store goods, find shelter from the elements, and build a wall or two between yourself and other armed players. To build a base, however, you need building materials: namely wood. Here’s everything the player needs to know about bringing in wood dead side.


Get an ax

It might not have the most haunting craft, though dead side is realistic, meaning the player can’t just hit a tree if they want wood. Harvesting wood requires an axe. Axes, like other loot, are randomly scattered around the map. Searching towns is often one of the surest ways to find the tool the player needs, and the ax is no exception. Another option is to buy one from the store if the player doesn’t feel like taking their chances and looking for one.

Find a safe place to harvest

The woods of dead side are large and invite the player to take a stroll and harvest the resources he needs. Unfortunately, things are not that simple because dead side can be a brutal survival game. Enemy mobs and other players are a threat outside of the designated safe zone, and players attempting to mind their own businesses and farm resources are often shot before they can sheathe their ax and grab their gun.

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The quickest way to find wood is also the most dangerous: just find some trees and start cutting down, no matter who is around or not. A safer alternative is to find trees just outside the safe zone, chop some wood, run back into the safe zone to store the wood, and then repeat the process. This method is slower, but it’s worse chopping wood for an hour only to get shot and robbed. This way tips for rust and tips for dead side are similar: don’t die farming.

Get hoes

Once the player finds an acceptable tree, all they have to do is take out their ax and start chopping. Chopping wood is a delicate process, so players should take care when harvesting. dead side follows the trend of influential survival games by prioritizing inventory space. A stack of wood (four logs) fills an inventory slot, So harvesting wood will quickly use up the player’s available storage space, something else to keep in mind when deciding how much to chop.

Due to limited inventory space, it’s a good idea to bring a good bag and clothes with extra space before harvesting. It’s also helpful to set up some storage containers in the player’s camp so that extra wood can be safely stored until needed. Building a base in this game might not be as complicated as building a base Valheim, However, the process still requires massive amounts of wood, leaving players with this goal in mind little choice but to chop.

dead side is now available in Early Access for PC.

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