Dead Space: The German-speaking is part of the remake

The Dead Space remake, which will be released the day after tomorrow, is said to be available and will cause every kind of fear and dread. Of course the sound is important, if not for a dense atmosphere, but who doesn’t hear it in the German version?

Two days before the release of the Dead Space remake, EA and Motive Studio are taking a look at the horror film’s voice actors. The German speakers have already introduced themselves explicitly. So who will bring the remake of the sci-fi survival horror title to life?

The originally mute protagonist Isaac Clarke now dances to the music. The main character is voiced in English by Gunner Wright, who is the official voice of Isaac in parts two and three that follow later. Tom Jacobs reconstructed this in the German version.

Marios Gavrilis is the voice of Denver when he performed a Syrian opera. He is the third of Netflix’s Heist of Money, in which Tom played the role of Chief Security Officer Zach Hammond.

According to official information, an overview of the German voices and their characters and their most famous projects.

Tom Jacobs Isaac ClarkeTom Jacobs is returning to his role as Isaac Clarke. The voice actor, stage and television actor previously credited as the star of Dead Space 3 has appeared in Titanfall, Star Wars Battlefront and The Crew 2. Demet Fey Nicole BrennanVoice actor Demet Frey will be a voice for Nicole Brennan. In addition to her appearances in film and television, Frey is known as a co-star of Star Wars and is also known for her roles in Aon-based and Axlers. Marios Gavrilis Zach HammondActor and voice actor Marios Gavrilis voices Zach Hammond. His most famous debating roles include Denver in the Netflix series Money Heist and a number of anime characters such as Dio Brando in JoJo’s Bizarre and Reiner Braun in Attack on Titan. Jenny Bischoff Kendra DanielsJenny Bischoff voices Kendra Daniels. The actress turns the mic to the character Loba in Apex Legends, as well as other character-driven characters in Doctor Who, Hotel Transylvania and Orphan Black. Bischoff has appeared in productions such as SOKO 5113 Die Rosenheimer Cops and Everything That Matters. Andreas Meese Challus MercerAndreas Meese takes on the role of Challus Mercer. The voice actor was awarded the German Audio Film Prize in 2020 and was seen on the screen in the movie “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Battlefield 5”. Meese lent his voice to actors such as Crispin Glover, Kevin Dillon and Billy Burke. Other well-known anime characters such as Yamcha in Dragon Ball and Gentle Criminal in My Hero Academia are also voiced.

The English voice actors, their characters and their most famous projects can be seen with official information and detailed results.

Tanya Clarke Nicole BrennanDesktop, Clarke reprized the role of Nicole she said in 2011’s Dead Space 2 and her role was also the role of a role model. Clarke is known for her work as Becky in Great Mind, Emily Lotus in Banshee, and Queen Rynda in Humanity, among others. Anthony Alabi Zach HammondFormer NFL player Anthony Alabi yells at Hammond. Alabi played Moz McKellan in the Netflix film Family Attachment and has appeared in the Showtime series Shameless and Disney’s at home with Raven and Bosch. Brigitte Kali Canales, Kendra DanielsBrigitte Kali Canales will voice the character Kendra. Canales previously played roles as Rachel on Fear of the Walking Dead and Trace Martez on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Canales stars as Officer Alexis Abrera in SWAT. Faran Tahir Challus MercerFaran Tahir plays Mercer. This is known for his roles as Raza on Iron Man, Captain Robau on Star Trek, President Patel on Elysium and more. What a start to this new year! Two months of excellent games happening in a few months.

It seemed obvious that in recent years, January and February were classified as the dry season. But the way he was portrayed has changed. In 2023, many promising AAA titles will appear right at the start. We give you an overview.


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