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Darby and the Dead – A funny coming-of-age story with a twist! [REVIEW]

Hulu’s Original Movie, Darby and the dead is a really funny coming-of-age comedy for teenagers. The Movie Stars Riele Downs (Henry Dangerright) as Darby the Mad, Auli’i Cravalho (Moiana) as Capri the popular girl and Chosen Jacobs (Sneakerella) as Alex the new guy. When we meet Darby, we learn that after her mother died, she realized she could see and talk to dead people. not how The sixth Sense, these ghosts are not scary. Instead they are normal”persons‘ with unfinished business. So Darby helps them satisfy it so they can cross over. But after an accident, her ex-girlfriend and most popular girl in school, Capri, dies. Darby’s power no longer seems like a blessing.

Darby and the Dead is funny, charming and full of friendship

(LR): Riele Downs as Darby Harper and Auli’i Cravalho as Capri in 20th Century Studios’ DARBY AND THE DEAD, exclusively on Hulu. Photo by Marcos Cruz. © 2022 20th Century Studios. All rights reserved.

Darby and the dead is one of my favorite teenage movies coming out this year. I thought Reile Downs and Auli’i Cravalho did an excellent job together. I loved the messages of family, friendship and sadness. It’s important to allow Darby to overcome her feelings of loss and hope while at the same time allowing herself to come out of her shell.

Everyone deals with grief differently. This includes your closest friends. So it was also important and enlightening to see and hear how Capri saw what was happening to Darby. In the end, the story allows the girls to sort out their differences, continue to learn from each other, and forge friendships even after death.

My only criticism of the story is that I wanted more dead people. We learn that Darby has this incredible power, and yes, she has a dead best friend, Gary (Tony Danza), but I wanted more. While I understand that the film needs to focus on what is going on with Capri and her dream that needs to be fulfilled in order to cross over, she becomes the only ghost around. I wish they had used their powers to get advice from the spirits about life, love, loss, and even how to mend friendships. For me, this was a huge missed opportunity.

Otherwise I think so Darby and the dead is absolutely worth seeing! Check it out on Hulu starting December 2, 2022!


After a near-death experience as a young girl, Darby Harper (Downs) gains the ability to see dead people. As a result, she becomes introverted and cut off from her high school peers. She prefers to spend time counseling lonely spirits who have errands to do on earth. But all that changes when Capri (Cravalho), the queen bee of the school’s most exclusive gang, dies unexpectedly in a crazy hair-straightening accident. This leads to the apparent cancellation of their upcoming “Sweet 17”. However, Capri begs Darby from the other side to step in and convince Capri’s friends to go ahead with the party as planned. To appease the undead diva’s wrath, Darby must emerge from her self-imposed exile and reinvent herself. Which, by the way, allows her to find new joy in the land of the living. Official summary

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