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Daily Dozen | Forbes: WhatsApp Cyber ​​Spies; The $430 billion Democratic victory; SEC Crypto Spotlight

Airlines could soon be required to reimburse travelers for delays. The $430 billion Inflation Reduction Act has cleared the Senate. How remote work has contributed to a two-speed housing market across the country.

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In the news today

  • Senate Democrats passed the landmark $430 billion Inflation Reduction Acta climate, tax and health bill that would allocate some $370 billion for energy and climate programs and extend the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance subsidies through 2025.
  • The White House declared monkeypox a Public Health Emergency and vowed to take the federal response to the virus “to the next level” through measures such as increasing vaccine distribution. Criticism has mounted over the government’s handling of the outbreak, which is rapidly worsening across the country.

Top take aways

forbes broke the news that Facebook discovered cyber spies likely operating in India and Pakistan Malware masquerading as popular encrypted messaging apps like WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram to access call logs, text messages, and cameras and microphones of thousands of people.

Anyone who more than 40 US cryptocurrency exchanges (plus Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange) are reportedly under investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, according to an aide to US Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-Wy).

Sky high real estate prices come back to earth – depending on where you live. According to the latest forecast, 210 of the country’s 414 largest housing markets will see house prices fall over the next two years, while prices are expected to rise over the remaining 204 years.

Since December, billionaire Melinda French has sold Gates $1.44 billion of the over $6.3 billion Worth of stocks she received from ex-husband Bill Gates during their divorce settlement. Those unencumbered shares include $429 million in auto dealer AutoNation and over $1 billion in Canadian National Railway stock.

Forecasters are monitoring a tropical wave forming off the coast of Africa, meteorologists are predicting a hurricane outbreak that will make 2022 one of the busiest seasons in history. The probability of a potentially devastating major hurricane hitting the US is 68%, significantly higher than the annual average of 52% over the past century.

A new proposal provides for this Airlines reimburse passengers 3-hour delay on domestic flights and 6-hour delay on international flights. The proposal also calls on airlines to provide flight credit or vouchers with no expiration date when people are unable to fly due to Covid-related reasons.

Today’s must read

How Tesla lost the affordable electric vehicle race to an unexpected competitor

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In case you missed it

Dressing up for Sunday Funday and eating chicken and waffles in restaurants, endless mimosas and DJs playing hip-hop are some of the hallmarks of the growing trend of “Black brunch.”

Tips you can trust

  • Around 16% of the employees are to actively detach from work, according to a new survey, the highest level in ten years. These are the factors that make your colleagues mentally say goodbye and resign without officially leaving their post.
  • Retention bonuses, greater flexibility when working from home, and hiring perks are all well and good, but if that’s what a company really wants Keep Star Employee it has to stop frustrating and demotivating them. This is how it works in the age of burnout.

Must watch video

Are we really in a recession?

Several economic indicators suggest that we are in a recession. But before the National Bureau of Economic Research can make that final decision, it must consider three criteria: duration, depth, and distribution.

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