CRYPTOSTONE introduces a crypto payment gateway to its anonymous financial ecosystem.



Cryptostone introduces a crypto payment gateway to an anonymous financial ecosystem. The Cryptostone Currency ($CPS) is the native utility token of the Cryptostone project.

LONDON, June 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CRYPTOSTONE is a newly developed crypto platform that offers exclusive crypto business services such as: B. disruptive technologies. It is a completely anonymous project with no KYC financial ecosystem on the blockchain.

Cryptostone team introduces the Crypto Payment Gateway to its anonymous ecosystem. A crypto payment gateway is an online transaction platform that allows businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments. As mentioned, the founders offer their NO-KYC CPG services for cross-border payment challenges and other issues. Anyone in their ecosystem can use the Crypto Payment Gateway (CPG) on their homepage to offer their customers an alternative payment method.

In addition, anyone from anywhere in the world can use the crypto payment gateway to pay businesses with cryptocurrencies. With their CPG API and plugins, users can track real-time and connect transactional systems to their ecommerce solutions.

Users in the CRYPTOSTONE ecosystem can always use their crypto payment gateway on their website to offer their consumers an alternative payment method. People can trade quickly and discreetly using Cryptostone’s centralized exchange. They can even create their cryptocurrency exchange and do it completely decentralized and peer-to-peer with their decentralized exchange.

In addition, Cryptostone offers a decentralized global exchange platform to help clients organize fundraisers. It uses decentralized listing and delisting via blockchain consensus to make the crowdfunding and investing process more inclusive and accessible. Cryptostone offers several crypto features to its users, including:

  • Decentralized worldwide security token

  • ICO launchpad

  • Crypto payment gateway (no KYC CPG)

  • Decentralized crypto exchange

  • Public blockchain network

  • Centralized crypto exchange

Cryptostone includes features such as a crypto wallet, crypto forex services, asset tokenization, NFTs, P2P escrow, smart contracts, and DeFi lending without KYC.

In addition, CRYPTOSTONE serves as a monetary blockchain ecosystem. It advocates equity, which means that income and opportunities can be shared equally among all. In other words, a lack of fairness in the marketplace leads to a multitude of injustices.

When there is no fairness in the economy, one of the most common difficulties an economy must address is income inequality. In this situation, true decentralization like that achieved by Cryptostone can be used to achieve equity as a goal.

A crypto payment gateway, centralized exchange, ICO launchpad, decentralized global security token exchange and native coin are all part of the CRYPTOSTONE ecosystem. Cryptostone also had a profitable ICO last year, raising over $2 million.

About Cryptostone:

Cryptostone is neither a local nor a national project. Cryptostone is a blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem that provides decentralized services to individuals worldwide.

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