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Crypto platform XBO.com uses PayRetailers to improve LATAM deposits and withdrawals

“Using PayRetailers’ payment methods will allow us to expand into the Latin American markets and provide our customers with a fast and seamless experience when it comes to fiat pickup and drop-off.”

LATAM-based cross-border payments specialist PayRetailers has partnered with crypto exchange XBO to fuel the platform’s expansion across the continent.

PayRetailers has more than 250 payment methods available and operates from 9 offices across Latin America. By partnering with PayRetailers, XBO opens the door to Latin American users to seamlessly trade and invest cryptocurrencies on the XBO platform, as well as exchange fiat for crypto.

PayRetailers improves XBO’s fiat on-ramping and off-ramping

PayRetailers’ various APM methods will be integrated with XBO, allowing the exchange’s LATAM users to exchange crypto for fiat and withdraw directly to their bank accounts.

XBO.com recently launched its platform, which combines gaming-inspired user interfaces and top-notch security solutions to offer traders a user-friendly and reliable alternative to existing exchange platforms.

The platform offers a loyalty program that guarantees users benefits with every accumulation of points and every transition between stages, as well as one of the most attractive referral programs on the market today with luxurious trading fee rewards.

PayRetailers payment platform uses API technology to connect Latin American users with international merchants and provide a seamless payment experience. From the merchant’s perspective, the solution has the key benefit of removing the hurdles associated with integrating multiple acquirers and payment methods, setting up multiple local entities, and managing deposit and withdrawal processors individually.

Gilad Shalem, Chief Payment Officer at XBO.com, commented, “By leveraging PayRetailers’ payment methods, we are able to expand into the Latin American markets and provide our customers with a fast and seamless experience when it comes to getting on and off fiat.”

XBO.com fills the need for a user-friendly and accessible crypto trading platform. Leveraging an intimate familiarity with crypto users’ pain points and a deep understanding of social gaming UX, XBO.com makes buying and selling digital assets easy for both amateur and experienced crypto users who find traditional crypto trading platforms intimidating and pleasant.

Last week, XBO.com announced the launch of its Crypto Exchange with a gaming-inspired user interface to simplify buying and selling digital assets and securing licenses in Australia and Poland.

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