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Crypto Oasis announces Lebanese media figure as newest ambassador

Lebanese media figure, communications consultant and strategy-oriented business developer, Wissam Breidyentered into a strategic partnership with crypto oasis to empower the region with education and knowledge about Blockchain and Web3 while increasing adoption and engagement. Breidy will leverage his credibility as a popular and savvy celebrity to help spread the word about the inherent potential of these disruptive products.

Wisam Breidy
Wisam Breidy

An icon of Arabic culture, Breidy is the new ambassador for blockchain and Web3 for Crypto Oasis, the blockchain ecosystem. As one of the most entertaining Arabic TV show hosts in recent memory, Wissam Breidy will bring relevance and belonging as Crypto Oasis seeks to scale blockchain and Web3 adoption in the region.

With a proven track record in corporate communications, multimedia offerings, global TV formats, premium local content and disruptive CSR campaigns, Breidy works to accelerate business growth through brand equity creation. He is a visionary who is passionate about helping companies find their best possible place in the market, no matter the complexity.

Breidy’s influence is far-reaching and this partnership with Crypto Oasis is consistent with his belief in the disruptive and transformative power of blockchain. He has a great passion for decentralized technology and is committed to raising awareness in the Arab world. “The future of the internet is here. web3, NFTs and Metaverse are our tools for universal state layers with open gates. Embrace it — don’t be late!” says Breidy.

“We are delighted to welcome Wissam Breidy on board as our new strategic partner,” he commented Ralph Glabischnig, Founder of Crypto Oasis. “With Wissam’s strong industry knowledge and reach, we expect this partnership will help educate the broader Arab community about Web3 and blockchain technology and unlock something that hasn’t been explored before. We also look forward to working with him as an initiator for arte and building meaningful connections, educating and informing the market about the ever-growing and evolving ecosystem.”

As a strategic advisor to Crypto Oasis, Breidy will drive blockchain adoption and simplify the complexity of the metaverse to make people more familiar with these seemingly convoluted digital landscapes for the Arabic-speaking population.

For arte, Crypto Oasis’ web3 meta-community, Breidy will help bring web3 communities and individuals together worldwide to create an environment that allows individuals in the art, NFT and metaverse fields to continuously and engage and interact effortlessly. arte is a global platform focused on creativity, community building and entrepreneurship in the Web3 space. It aims to bring together decision makers in arts and technology to discuss the future of digital assets and the metaverse. arte intends to work to educate the general public about blockchain technologies, and Brediy will be instrumental in the initiative’s success.

Crypto Oasis is an inclusive ecosystem committed to mainstream adoption through education, collaboration, and news. It has the platform newcomers to the crypto market need to learn more about decentralized technologies, spread their creativity and pursue various digital asset opportunities.

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