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Crispi Colorado GTX II Boot Review: A new generation of a favorite shoe

The Crispi Colorado GTX II is the ultimate all-round hunting boot.

Finding the right hunting boot can be downright excruciating. As well as trying to find something that works when you need it most, there’s also the variable of our feet. Our feet are all different in one way or another, so it’s quite difficult to get advice from others on which boots to get.

Nevertheless, here we are. I’m about to give you my 2 cents for what I call “a fantastic all-rounder”. hunting bootsUltimately, you really have to decide that for yourself, but up to this point, let me break down the new 2022 Crispi Colorado GTX II shoe.

In summary: From the trees to the rugged hinterland, the Crispi Colorado GTX II can handle hunting grounds of all kinds. Just don’t bring them into temperatures that are too cold and be prepared to grow a little larger.

Test Crispi Colorado GTX II boots


The first version of the Crispi Colorado GTX was a great success for hunters. It fills the need to provide a stiffer boot for support without sacrificing the comfort we desire. Crispi took what was good and made it great with the second version of the Colorado.

Colorado II GTX
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

That Crispi Colorado GTX II is an 8 inch high, non-insulated hunting boot made of water-repellent suede and triple-stitched with Kevlar. It also features a polyurethane coated leather rim for added protection. Each of the Colorado GTX II boots weighs 1.6 pounds (size 10), which is about half a pound lighter than a full leather boot.

On the Crispi Flex rating, the Colorado II sits at a Flex 4 rating. This puts it one notch below the “Most Stiff” rating that Crispi offers.

These boots are available in sizes 8-14 in both regular and wide (EE) sizes. And of course, like most hunting boots, the Colorado GTX II is equipped with a breathable and waterproof GORE-TEX lining.


Here are some of the features that stand out to me on the Colorado GTX II. These new boots feature the Crispi ABSS, which stands for Ankle Bone Support System. Basically, this exclusive Crispi system allows the boot to gently mold to the shape of your ankle.

Benefits include protecting against sprains and limiting fatigue in our lower joints. This is where protection meets comfort.

Men's Crispi Colorado II GTX
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

The biggest difference between the first version of the Colorado GTX and this one is the PUtek fabric. This is a very tough, breathable nylon fabric woven with polyurethane threads. Crispi’s goal here was to keep the boot lightweight while increasing durability and puncture resistance over the first version.

For durability and comfort ColoradoII is the Vibram sole paired with the shock absorbing dual density polyurethane midsole. The Vibram sole screams durability and features a tread pattern ideal for steep, nasty terrain.

The dual density midsole ensures your feet are comfortable even on the longest days. In short, the results of this duo are increased comfort and exceptional stability.

My experience

Crispi Colorado II
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

I have used and abused hunting boots for quite some time and have found that there is no one size fits all. In other words, you really need to do your homework and find the type of boots that are right for you she, not your friend. I am pleased to say that my experience with the Crispi Colorado GTX II was pleasant.

Straight out of the box, these are pretty damn comfortable. The shoe gives just enough give that you don’t feel like you’re wearing 2×4s on your feet. This support would come in handy for steep sidehills and when hiking with heavy weight.

I replaced the standard insole with one from Tread Labs. Very happy with the results there. To be honest, I felt like I didn’t really need to break these in either. I’ve done a few 3-4 mile hikes with them and the before to after difference was negligible.

Crispi Colorado II hunt
(Photo/Joshua Kirchner)

I’ve had these ever since Colorado GTX IIs Trek from the rugged Colorado Alps to pack mule deer through the steep and deep Idaho backcountry.

I’ve even had them in the sandhills of western Nebraska, packing bull moose from the Arizona desert. Stream crossings galore, snow, hot weather and everything in between. Plain and simple, they are performers and I still wear them.

Of course not everything is perfect.

What’s happening

The first thing you might consider a disadvantage Colorado GTX IIs is that they are not isolated. So there’s a cap on when you have to stop using them once the weather cools down. Of course, this also depends a lot on the type of hunt you are doing.

For an active western hunter, you could stretch them a lot further. However, if you’re sitting from a stand of trees for whitetails, you might want to look elsewhere in the later months.

Another thing I’ve noticed, and this has been the case with all the Crispi boots I’ve used, is that they tend to shrink over time. I don’t know exactly what triggers this. I suppose after they got soaking wet.

Ever since I found this out, I’ve had to start going up half a size. take it from me here I have probably four pairs of boots that I can no longer wear because they are shrinking.

Final Thoughts

Men's Crispi Colorado II GTX boots
(Photo/Josh Kirchner)

While finding the right boot can be downright excruciating at times, when you find what you’re looking for, it’s worth it. They are our tires for the hunting forests and without a good set our journey would be limited and even downright painful.

I can’t tell you if the Crispi Colorado GTX IIs will be the perfect hunting boot for you. But what I can tell you is the following. I’m very happy with them, and they sure as hell deserve at least a look if you’re looking for a quality boot that can handle a variety of conditions for your next hunt and beyond.

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