Credit Suisse bank safe also thanks to Roger Federer

Roger Federer is a client of Credit Suissethe bank going through a very severe crisis following the collapse of US technology financier Silicon Valley Bank. Credit Suisse brand ambassador Roger Federer is an endorser of the bankand you see him on monitors and in advertisements.

Authorities believe Federer’s collaboration with Credit Suisse adds to the trusted face of the bank. This is thanks to his long-term partnership and being an ambassador for the bank for over 20 years. Federer’s partnership with Credit Suisse was one of the longest-lasting relationships between a bank and an athlete.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion signed his first sponsorship deal with Credit Suisse in 1999. The partnership has remained solid over the years since, with Federer backing the bench in several campaigns. Bank officials believe his presence as a Credit Suisse brand ambassador could serve as a calming force for the bank’s concerned customers.

Despite concerns about Credit Suisse’s international operations, some clients remain confident that the bank is too big to fail and that, should it fail, the Swiss government would come to the rescue. While a customer who does not want to be named is said to have said that the state should step in in the event of the bank’s insolvency and cover deposits of less than 100,000 francs per customer, another customer was confident that the bank would survive become.

The latest on Roger Federer

Roger Federer took the field himself to promote the new signature sneaker line, designed precisely to improve performance on clay. The Swiss company On Running presented and shared via social networks the release of the iconic shoe entitled “The Roger Pro Clay”.

The challenge launched follows on from last year’s: Thanks to the participation of the Basel-born champion as a shareholder, “The Roger” has had great international success and aroused a great deal of attention and curiosity among the population.

The company has published a video showing the now 41-year-old ex-athlete, testimonial of the new line, in close-up and as the protagonist: King Roger is back on a clay court for the occasion, holding a racquet in his hand.

The winner of 20 Grand Slam titles trained on the slow-paced surface in the new shoes and showed how impressed he was with the performance of On Running’s latest creation. During the video, Federer glides effortlessly across the court and effortlessly hits the ball with his distinctive and unique backhand.

The latest addition to the company’s product line was no exception and immediately caught the eye: for some it’s already a hunt for a model aimed at providing players with better balance and stability on the court.


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