Childhood immunization rates increased slightly during the month of May.

The rate of COVID-19 vaccinations among children in New Westminster rose slightly in May – but only marginally.

New Westminster’s COVID vaccination rates have changed only gradually over the past three weeks, according to the latest data from the BC Center for Disease Control.

The month saw a slight uptick in pediatric vaccination (5-11 year olds). By May 23, 69% of this age group had received one dose of vaccine and 56% had received two doses. These numbers are slightly up from 68% and 54% on May 1st respectively. New Westminster continues to lead Fraser Health (the region that stretches from Burnaby to the Hope area) when it comes to pediatric immunizations.

On May 23, New Westminster’s overall immunization coverage for adults (18+) was 96% for one dose, 95% for two doses and only 66% for three doses – exactly the same numbers as on May 1st.

The city’s immunization rates for all adult ages remain consistently high, with first dose rates of 93% or greater for all ages and second dose rates of at least 92% across the board.

However, rates for the third dose continue to lag behind. For 12 to 17 year olds, the third dose is only 49%, while younger adults (18 to 49) have a third dose of only 59%. Older adults have higher rates, with the over-50s reaching 76% and the over-70s reaching 83%. All of these interest rates have increased by one percentage point since May 1st.

How to get a COVID booster dose in BC

Anyone aged 12 and over who has received their first two doses of vaccine is entitled to a third dose six months after the second. (This interval is shortened to eight weeks for anyone who is pregnant.)

Fourth doses are also available for a small group of high-risk individuals: long-term care residents, Indigenous people ages 55 and older, and all adults 70 and older. Those who are eligible for the fourth dose (second booster) can receive it six months after their third dose (first booster).

Visit the BC Get Vaccinated website to find all the details, make sure you’re registered and book appointments.

What is the vaccination rate in New Westminster?

Here’s what vaccination rates look like across the board as of May 23 (numbers as of May 1 in parentheses):

First dose:

5-11: 69% (68%)

5+: 95% (95%)

12-17: 96% (96%)

18+: 96% (96%)

18-49: 99% (99%)

50+: 93% (93%)

70+: 94% (94%)

Second dose:

5-11: 56% (54%)

5+: 92% (92%)

12-17: 93% (92%)

18+: 95% (95%)

18-49: 97% (97%)

50+: 92% (92%)

70+: 92% (92%)

Third dose:

12-17: 49% (48%)

5+: 61% (61%)

18+: 66% (65%)

18-49: 59% (58%)

50+: 76% (75%)

70+: 83% (82%)

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