Life is largely returning to what it was in early 2020, with most Covid restrictions being reversed. While the return to normal is a relief, the abrupt change feels unsettling to many. After two years of clear guidelines and restrictions, we have to figure out how to be people in the world again. Luckily, there’s a whole category of podcasts dedicated to just this topic. These five shows will help you navigate the craziness of everyday life:

Were you raised by Wovles?agencies

Were you raised by wolves?

This light-hearted etiquette podcast is packed with useful tips but also fun to listen to thanks to the close collaboration between the presenters, journalist Nick Leighton and comedian Leah Bonnema. Each episode is highly structured, and usually begins with an “amuse-bouche” — a snarky explanation of a hard-and-fast rule, such as how you should pass the dishes at a dinner party (counterclockwise, FYI). Leighton and Bonnema then move on to a more nuanced topic, such as tipping, table manners, or hospitality, and answer audience questions. The show also features several recurring segments, such as “Vent or Repent,” in which the hosts can either rant about a recent etiquette violation or admit one they’ve committed.

am i normalagencies

am i normal With Mona Chalabi

This personable, thought-provoking show from the TED Collective takes an empirical approach to one of the most subjective realms of all: normality. In each episode, British journalist Mona Chalabi tackles a different “should”. For example: How many friends should I have? Or how long should it take to get over a breakup? What sets this apart from most advice shows is that Chalabi is a data journalist, so she first examines what statistics can objectively tell us about a topic before calling in experts (and sometimes her mother, a retired doctor) to chime in dig areas that numbers can’t touch.

Wild Lovecastagencies

Wild Lovecast

Dan Savage has been a leading sex advice columnist for more than three decades. When it began in 1991, the Savage Love print column was intended as a tongue-in-cheek antidote to mainstream how-to editions. In the audio version, Savage takes voicemail messages from listeners on topics such as monogamy, infidelity, and dealing with kinks, and while not all of his advice has aged well, he is usually open about these flaws.

Great etiquetteagencies

Great etiquette

No list of shows about manners would be complete without this eight-year-old series descended from the grande dame of American etiquette, Emily Post. Hosted by their great-great-grandchildren, Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning, Awesome Etiquette is a haven for those seeking advice on social mores. The posts have covered pretty much every topic imaginable over the show’s long run, such as how to properly tip to-go orders (it’s optional, but they suggest 10 percent) and how to approach a dinner party when Your diet differs from the host’s (let them know ahead of time and if it’s more of a preference than an allergy, be prepared to be flexible).

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How is the work going?agencies

How is the work going?

Esther Perel, the well-known couples therapist and author, has become a sought-after expert on the subject of sex and relationships. This is in large part due to her hit podcast Where Should We Begin? thanks to which listeners can be a fly on the wall during real couples therapy sessions. Her second series, How’s Work?, takes a similar approach, but instead of romantic partners, it focuses on sessions between colleagues, co-founders, and even family members who work together. As Perel explains in the opening episode, we all have a relationship pattern that is evident in the workplace as well as in romance and friendships.

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