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Coverings 2023 invites Pool Magazine to its VIP press tour

Coverings 2023, the leading international tile and stone exhibition, is pleased to invite Pool Magazine to participate in its VIP press tour and educational offerings. The event will take place April 18-21, 2023 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

As the largest tile and stone trade show in North America, Coverings 2023 brings together manufacturers, distributors and suppliers from around the world to showcase the latest products, designs and technology in the tile and stone industry. The event offers industry professionals, architects, designers, builders, contractors and developers a unique opportunity to network, learn and discover the latest trends and innovations in the tile and stone industry.

The VIP Press Tour is an exclusive opportunity for journalists, bloggers and influencers to take a look behind the scenes at Coverings 2023. This tour gives Pool Magazine exclusive access to new products and trends, special events and exclusive interviews with industry experts. The VIP Press Tour is a must for anyone who wants to stay one step ahead in the tile and stone industry.

Coverings offers a wide range of educational opportunities for all industry segments, such as live demonstrations, interactive sessions and curated tours of the exhibition space. With a focus on health & wellness, sustainability, outdoor spaces and timeless luxury, Coverings’ educational content keeps professionals informed in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Pool Magazine gets access to the latest insights and strategies for success.

We believe this event will provide an excellent opportunity for Pool Magazine to connect with industry experts, discover new trends and gain a competitive edge in the tile and stone industry.

Pool Magazine is a leading publication in the pool and spa industry dedicated to providing industry professionals with the latest news, trends and insights. Coverings 2023 is delighted to welcome Pool Magazine to the event and looks forward to providing its team with a valuable experience.

For more information about Coverings 2023 or to register for the event, please visit the official website at www.coverings.com.

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Alice Everton

Email: [email protected]

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