After much anticipation and a ton of crazy rumours, Valve has finally decided to unveil its next big title for gamers, Counter-Strike 2. The game is scheduled for release in summer 2023 and will come as a free update for Counter Strike Global Offensive. At the moment, Counter-Strike 2 is in a limited testing period, during which only selected players on Steam can try the title.

However, it seems like this limited test on Steam has had its consequences. Through a tweet from vx-underground, we learn that Counter-Strike 2 was leaked online ahead of its Summer 2023 release window. It is speculated that one of the game testers shared the game files for Counter Strike 2 online.

The reveal of the Counter-Strike 2 skins is sending the market into a frenzy

For those who don’t know, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin market was one of the biggest gaming marketplaces of all time. Players spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to glimpse a new skin in the game. If a player wanted to buy all the skins on the market, they would end up spending a whopping $5 million.

It seems like these huge ripples in the market were created thanks to Valve’s latest announcement. According to a report by PCGamer, Valve has stated that players can transfer their entire inventory from CS:GO to Counter Strike 2. These items also benefit from “Source 2 lighting and materials”. It seems like this news has pushed up the price of most existing skins.

Tarik needs more of Counter-Strike 2

Popular CS:GO veteran and Valorant pro player Tarik gave his opinion on the Counter-Strike 2 beta. According to a report by DotEsports, Tarik is very happy with all the changes that Valve has brought to the game. However, he still has some reservations about the new Smokes and hopes the developer will introduce lots of content for players to try out.

Pyth is retiring from professional gaming

In other news, a professional Valorant player and former CS:GO veteran, Jacob Mourujarvi aka “pyth”, has announced his retirement. This announcement came at the same time Valve announced the arrival of Counter Strike 2. Pyth announced his retirement through a tweet, thanking all the fans who have supported him throughout his career.


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