Netflix has released the trailer for its new four-part documentary series about the life and comeback of “The Notorious” Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregorthe face of MMA in the United States, has a new documentary series coming out soon, McGregor forever. The series will mark his return to MMA following his brutal injury in his last fight Dustin Poirier in July 2021. Conor is 3-4 in his last seven fights without a loss in his high profile boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Despite this, he remains the biggest name in the sport and the biggest needle mover. Immediately following the debut of this series on Netflix on May 17th, he will be coaching the latest season of The ultimate fighter Opposite Michael Kramer. The two will go head-to-head in his big rematch later this year. This series begins on May 30th. For now, however, the Netflix series trailer is below.

Conor McGregor, love him or hate him makes you watch

“Conor McGregor’s brutal punches and trash-talking swagger made him the UFC’s biggest draw. This stirring documentary follows his dynamic career. McGregor Forever chronicles superstar MMA fighter Conor McGregor’s epic journey back to the top of the UFC ladder. This 4-part documentary series is a comprehensive look at this controversial superstar, along with the deeper story of what got him to this point.”

It’s been a long time since Conor became world champion in 2016, becoming the first person in UFC history to hold titles in two weight divisions simultaneously. He didn’t even defend either belt. However, it doesn’t matter; He transcended the sport and the UFC ages ago. He’s a megastar and you can be sure that even if he’s become so problematic, people will be flocking to tune in to him.

McGregor forevera four-part documentary series, out May 17 on Netflix.

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