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You can get a lot of different stands with their unique abilities in Roblox World Of Stands and here is the best one for you.

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When you start playing Roblox World Of Stands for the first time, you get the Anubis Stand for free when you complete the London Main Quest. This stand will help you fight against different mobs and players as you can only use skills when you have a stand. Without a stand, your character can only hit enemies with your hands.

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As you progress in this game, you’ll have the opportunity to reroll your stand and equip a different one. However, the process of changing your stand is completely random, and you may end up with a low powered stand as well. It is important to know what the good standings are in the game.


Ranking of the world of stands

Roblox World of is in the hands of Anubis

Each stand in Roblox World Of Stands has its own rarity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the highest rarity holdings are the best. Here’s a ranking of all the stalls, ranked by their usage and effectiveness:


stand name


star platinum

killer queen

Silver chariot


Sticky finger

The world


weather report



Red Hot Chili Pepper


Mage Red

The position of the stalls in this ranking may change as the developers change their skills and release new stalls.

How to get a booth in the world of booths?

Roblox World of Stands equips a stand-1

While the game gives you a free stand to begin with, it may not be something you like. You don’t have to stick to Anubis for the rest of your game as you can always re-roll the stands. To do this you will have to eat a locacaca fruit to get rid of your current stall and then use another arrow to get a new stall.

There are three types of arrows in the game: Standing Arrow, Shiny Arrow, and Super Shiny Arrow. While the rates of getting a stall of a specific rarity are the same for these arrows, the Shiny Arrows have a chance of giving you a Shiny version of a specific stall. This shiny version looks way cooler, but it’s purely cosmetic.

If you roll a new stand this way, You could get the same stand you lost after eating the locacaca fruit. Here are a few easy ways to get the two required items in-game:

  • You can get both the fruits and the arrows as you progress in the London and New York main story quest. In addition, after completing the domain at the end of these quests, you will receive a Shiny Arrow on each.
  • There is a bounty hunter NPC in the alley to the right as you exit the main London mansion. You can Earn Bounty Points (BP) by defeating other players and exchange them for Locaca Fruits and Stand Arrow here.
  • You can also loot locacaca fruit and standing arrow from different chests scattered across the map. These chests can also be found in hidden locations across different domains.
  • Finally, you can come across some fruits and stalls during various side quests in London.

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